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Lessons Learned In Second Life

Bliss Dubrovna is my avatar and she is a hottie.  I admit it, I am a bit addicted at times with Second Life.  Second Life is that game where many people from all over the world decide to create avatars and have adventures in a second life.  While my first life indeed rocks, my second life does too.  Bliss has learned some lessons while “in world” ( the name for when you are in the world of Second Life playing)  Second Life is a MMORG which stands for :

(Massively Multiuser Online Role Playing Game) A role playing game on the computer played by many people. An MMORPG differs from a regular computer role playing game because its environment is perpetual. People log in, join the game, take on their role and leave whenever they wish, but the game continues

My avatar Bliss

My avatar Bliss

So what if anythings has Bliss taught me in the RL (Real life)?

  • There are a ton of interesting people in this world who I might not have met had it not been for this blog, Second Life, Twitter, etc.  These kind of things help you meet those folks.
  • Bliss takes risks and does things out of wanting to have an experience and I have learned that is the way to live my life too
  • Bliss and I both dig HOT guys.  Enough said…
  • I am sorry but if you have problems with written communication then neither Bliss or myself will be that into you.   I love words and so does my Bliss.
  • Take a chance. Bliss walks up to people all over the place while in Second Life and meets people.  Some she really likes and others “not so much.”
  • Creeps are creeps!  They are out there.  Bliss has met the guy on Second Life who gives you a shot of his penis and makes you very uncomfortable.  In RL (real life) there are those kinds too.  Stay far away from them.
  • Bliss has taught me that I love writing. Whether I write in my blog, online in the game, or in conversation I appreciate the written language far more than I ever thought.
  • Bliss and I are hotties in both worlds.  Just deal with it, I am the brains behind Bliss and as you know I am just that cool.
  • Life is short. Live it and love it. Take it like Bliss does, when the game gets boring or upsetting you can turn it off and start over again later.  We can too. The next day is a chance to start off anew with all kinds of possibilities.

There are my simple life lessons that Bliss has taught me.   If you set up anaccount (which is free ) at Secondlife.com look me up as Bliss Dubrovna.  See ya in world I hope soon.

As a side note I have to include this clip of a video from the actors of the web series called The Guild called “Do You  Wanna Date My Avatar?” is hysterical.  Watch it for a chuckle…


Bits and Pieces

Another time to play the game I call Who is this woman?” This is where I take  time today to give  some more glimpses into the psyche of a hot chick like myself.  (no problem with self-confidence, thank you very much)   Thanks to my influx of new readers there are many who may wonder:   Just who is this person who wants to “Show Off Her Ass-ets?”   Here I give you more random facts about me…

  • I do think about sex as much as I write about it.    I am not bragging about it, but I  like people to know it is very much a part of who I am.
  • Going with the first fact I have the need to discuss and be provocative with men I find interesting.  I also upfront in telling those men of my commitment to the hubs.
  • I love the fact that I have become less inhibited as I have gotten older. I spend far less time thinking about “What will people think?”
  • I lead a double life.  I enjoy playing Second Life which is virtual world which allows you to create your own avatar and life. In that life you can do what you want with who you want.  It allows me a chance to have another outlet to get my fantasies played out as Bliss Dubrovna who has a virtual hunk named Viggo.
  • I love hockey and football.  Men with big sticks ( hockey) are hot and the football pants make a man look oh so good…
  • I graduated in 3 years with my Bachelor’s  degree and was accepted into an advanced standing program for my Master’s degree which allowed me to get my graduate degree in 1 yr.  I was a  bit of an overachiever when it came to college.
  • When I was in elementary school my childhood dog Abby got loose and ran down to the bus stop and jumped on the bus.  My mother ran down the street in her robe to get the dog off the bus.  I can remember the mean bus driver to this day!
  • I suffered from severe post partum depression after the birth of my last son.  I believe that I was shown at that time what was really important in my life.  I take my medication and I guess can now be considered  “certifiable.” ( chuckling )
  • I believe very strongly that being vulnerable and putting yourself out there leads to wonderful opportunities with other people.  Taking a chance when it comes to sharing some of yourself can be a win-win situation.
  • Chocolate martinis are my favorite cocktails.  The combination of alcohol and chocolate is a bit of heaven for me.
  • I have a list of men (celebrities and such)  I would bed ( have sex with)  in a heartbeat that seems to increase weekly.  There only seems to be the common denominator of smart, funny, and witty guys.
  • Two of my newer additions to this list include Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) and Robert Pattison (of Twilight fame).  

Just in case you wondered why I put those photos in…  I know have an easy place to come and look at those cuties!

  • I have lived in Indiana, Michigan, and Tennessee.  Those places were never the same after me or before me…

There you go.  The  facts you just could not live without on yours truly.  I have an insatiable curiosity,  so I hope this fed you a little bit more information about me.  Questions or comments are always welcomed and appreciated.  All this talk of hot men has led me to think I might need a cold shower…

**In case you wanted to know even more about me there is a prior post entitled Random Bits about My Ass-ets.