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A Word By Any Other Name

Like many of you, I’m guilty of over-using  words or phrases in my daily life.  CNN.com did a recent story of overused and annoying words from a panel of reporters,  and it prompted me to think of the words I love and hate.    There’s a  great story at Askmen.com which lists 10 words they felt needed to be “put out to pasture.”  So many popped into mind as I sat down to compile this llist, and my pals on Twitter had some suggestions too.   Here then  I give you  the words or phrases,  Showing Off My Ass-ets considers irritating or tired. On the other side I provide a list of ones I love to throw in conversation for color.

  • Irregardless This word gets used so often that I wondered if it really might be a word in the dictionary.  Afer looking at Grammargirl.com here’s what I found:
  • First, let’s talk about irregardless. Some people mistakenly use irregardless when they mean “regardless.” Regardless means “regard less,” “without regard,” or despite something. For example, Squiggly will eat chocolate regardless of the consequences.  The prefix ir- (i-r) is a negative prefix, so if you add the prefix ir to a word that’s already negative like regardless, you’re making a double-negative word that literally means “without without regard.”

  • Like For fifteen plus years this word has been used way too much.  Remember “Valley Girls” the movie that inspired this change in vocabulary?  Like means : to be suitable or agreeable to,to feel attraction toward or take pleasure in, to wish to have, or to to do well in according to Merriam-Webster dictionary.  Now it is used as a filler in conversation ” I was, like going to eat at like the McDonald’s…”  This is a word I am guilty of using to excess.
  • Whatever This word has slowly crept into more than just the teen’s lingo, as adults now use it as well.  Whatever in it’s proper form according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary : “anything or everything that, no matter what, or used to express astonishment or perplexity.”  After the popularity of the Legally Blonde movies this word along with the hand movement that goes along with has become a constant thorn in our collective side.  It can be used in a sentence like this ”  I said to my mom, “whatever, please leave me alone.”
  • whatever

    For me these three are  so overused and played that I wonder if they will ever retain their orginal meaning.  There are so many more that I could come up with but I think you get the point.

    As for my list of words I like to sprinkle in which are overlooked:

    • Frothy: I love to use this word which means “light in content.”  I use it to describe magazine articles I might read or a television show I might watch.  An example might be ”  That show was a refreshing and frothy comedy.”  Try it out in conversation.
    • Cheeky: I’m not from England but I love this word a whole lot…  Being cheeky to me means being bold and I love using this word to describe myself at times.
    • Belligerent: This means to want to wage war or inclined to aggresiveness.  Example of this word usage is ” He became belligerent when I told him to clean his room.”

    I hope this inspires you to get out there and substitute some new words in place of the ones you may (over) use  in your daily discussions with others.  Come up with more that drive you crazy and comment for me below.  I love getting comments and feedback.  This cheeky one is signing off for now…



    Lessons Learned In Second Life

    Bliss Dubrovna is my avatar and she is a hottie.  I admit it, I am a bit addicted at times with Second Life.  Second Life is that game where many people from all over the world decide to create avatars and have adventures in a second life.  While my first life indeed rocks, my second life does too.  Bliss has learned some lessons while “in world” ( the name for when you are in the world of Second Life playing)  Second Life is a MMORG which stands for :

    (Massively Multiuser Online Role Playing Game) A role playing game on the computer played by many people. An MMORPG differs from a regular computer role playing game because its environment is perpetual. People log in, join the game, take on their role and leave whenever they wish, but the game continues

    My avatar Bliss

    My avatar Bliss

    So what if anythings has Bliss taught me in the RL (Real life)?

    • There are a ton of interesting people in this world who I might not have met had it not been for this blog, Second Life, Twitter, etc.  These kind of things help you meet those folks.
    • Bliss takes risks and does things out of wanting to have an experience and I have learned that is the way to live my life too
    • Bliss and I both dig HOT guys.  Enough said…
    • I am sorry but if you have problems with written communication then neither Bliss or myself will be that into you.   I love words and so does my Bliss.
    • Take a chance. Bliss walks up to people all over the place while in Second Life and meets people.  Some she really likes and others “not so much.”
    • Creeps are creeps!  They are out there.  Bliss has met the guy on Second Life who gives you a shot of his penis and makes you very uncomfortable.  In RL (real life) there are those kinds too.  Stay far away from them.
    • Bliss has taught me that I love writing. Whether I write in my blog, online in the game, or in conversation I appreciate the written language far more than I ever thought.
    • Bliss and I are hotties in both worlds.  Just deal with it, I am the brains behind Bliss and as you know I am just that cool.
    • Life is short. Live it and love it. Take it like Bliss does, when the game gets boring or upsetting you can turn it off and start over again later.  We can too. The next day is a chance to start off anew with all kinds of possibilities.

    There are my simple life lessons that Bliss has taught me.   If you set up anaccount (which is free ) at Secondlife.com look me up as Bliss Dubrovna.  See ya in world I hope soon.

    As a side note I have to include this clip of a video from the actors of the web series called The Guild called “Do You  Wanna Date My Avatar?” is hysterical.  Watch it for a chuckle…

    My Kind of Fantasy Camp

    There are these opportunities  called fantasy camps that allow adults to  indulge in and  live out their desire to be a rock star, hockey player, etc.   There is a whole website called GrownUpCamps.com that is designed for the adult who just wants to live out their dream of being something else other than what they are in their normal life  for a week.  In daydreaming thinking about it,   I was imagining what the Showing Off My Assets  (SOMA)  Fantasy Camp might look like.  Take a trip with me to a different kind of camp filled with some of the  ideas you have come to expect from me…  I would offer the camp at someplace that would give off a sexy vibe,  but  also out of the way so that our campers could feel free to be whatever they wanted to be.  Antigua came to mind and I think the sand between the toes lends itself to our fantasy camp.

    Camp SOMA

    Camp SOMA

    We now have the location pinned down.   What would be offered at this SOMA fantasy camp? Here are a few of the classes offered throughout the week :

    • Stripping 101:  Learn How to Take It Off
    • Learn How to Work the Pole
    • Creative Juices Flowing :   A class designed to help you get in touch with putting those hot fantasies on paper
    • The Art of Seduction:   Learn the Ways to Seduce Anyone
    • Kama Sutra Explained
    • What Not to Wear when Seducing:   Our version includes a “makeover” turning one of our campers from “oh no no” to “ooh la la”
    • Use of Sex Toys, Bondage, and Kink:    with free toys provided from Eden’s Fantasy
    • Writing a Sexy Blog:  Taught by yours truly
    • Self Confidence: Learning to feel good in the body and mind you were given

    These classes would be informative and free with plenty of time left to take care of yourself or your partner after each class.  This camp would focus on taking a fantasy of yours and preparing for a end of camp “performance.”  At the rock -n-roll fantasy camps they always have a final gig showing the week’s worth of learning.  Our campers would come up with a fantasy at the beginning of camp and come up with a way to express themselves in a fun party at the end of the week.  An example might be a fantasy of being a stripper on stage and performing a small striptease on stage.  Of course with our campers libations would be served at all classes and activities if desired.  Parties and mixers would be nightly allowing our campers to “get to know each other” in any ways the campers might like.  The most important fact of this camp is that there would be no judgments placed on anyone.   We would want our campers to feel comfortable in whatever they wanted to do while at camp and learn the art of self-confidence comes from within.

    A Class Offered

    A Class Offered

    I am proud to announce that Showing Off My Ass-ets has a new advertiser to announce today.  Eden’s Fantasy is is a company which offers a large assortment of adult products from sex toys, lingerie, and anything you might need to “get your groove on.”  The most exciting thing is however that they have a new and awesome reference called  SeXis which is an online magazine which I  use  for reference and inspiration all of the time.  It is a place with great articles, discussions, and forums on all things related to sexuality.  It fills a need that our society has for sex education, tips, and discussion.

    It would make sense then if as in my fantasy I was able to have a fantasy camp like the one I have described that it would of course be sponsored by a company like Eden’s Fantasy.  So anyone want to sign up for a non-traditional fantasy camp where you have fun and engage in your fantasies?  I am thinking if it takes off and I can swing it, my readers could get a discount on it.  (Laughs)  It is summer and kids can’t be the only ones who get to go to camp and have fun.   Get out there and stay sexy!
    Sexis - a provocative sex magazine at EdenFantasys.com

    Why I Am Just That Cool…

    It is my birthday soon and while it is not like one of those “milestone” ones, it gives me a time to reflect on who I am, where I’ve been, and where I want to go. (no I did not get that off a greeting card or self-help book)  Gonna say one thing right now,   my life has been crazy.   I have missed posting and  am so glad to be back baby… Back to the subject at hand:  me (or moi as the French like to say) and the many reasons why I am just that cool.   For your reading pleasure I present to you the Top Ten Reasons I Rock:

    1. I bring it when it comes to personality.   I am bold yet tactful, simple yet complex, and  compassionate yet firm.  You might find some other peeps who are cool but I genuinely would totally hang out with myself if I was someone else.
    2. I have a several things I live by in my life and this phrase describes how I feel:   No man is a failure who is enjoying life. William Feather
    3. In a society that often does not appreciate being genuine, I feel like I am almost at all times genuine.  That means that if I am sad you see it or if I am happy you know it.   I don’t live life pushing things down and not showing others how I feel.
    4. I appreciate the special unique traits of people.  I simply think that everyone of us has traits to share with the world.  Instead of looking at the annoying ones, I try hard to look at those interesting traits.   I have learned a lot from others by living like this. ( not all good but more often it has been the good things)
    5. I know how to have an intoxicating attitude.  I also am even more fun while intoxicated with this attitude. *wink* Just ask a few people who have seen me after a few chocolate martinis.    For your information here is the definition of intoxicating in the sense I am describing :” to excite or elate to the point of enthusiasm or frenzy.”
    6. I recognize and embrace the shortcomings I have and work with them.  Let’s be real, I am really cool but I have some (very few mind you) things that I keep in mind.  I am a procrastinator and put things off until the last minute.   I used to be a neat freak and now I have gone to the “dark side.”  I can be at times a bit of an “attention whore” (gasp).  Other than those few things I am perfect… she says laughing to herself.
    7. I like sex and I can say it loud and proud.   I like it,  need it, want it, and love talking about it.  Quite simply  my mind is a gutter and seems like most people (especially the fellas) seem to enjoy my incessant need to banter about it.    I can be crude but favor being a verbal temptress who prefers to be provocative  on-line and in person.  I don’t know why but it seems like there just aren’t enough chicks like me.
    8. I can express my emotions and thoughts in both written and verbal forms.  As a trained clinical social worker,  I am able to get the “stuff” out on the table and deal with it.  I deal with what is going on and move on.  I think that is cool because we have too many people who carry suitcases and suitcases of anger around with them.
    9. I am a kick-ass wife most of the time with the exception of housework.  If you ask hubs, I make it up in other ways!!  I love fully and completely with the kids and am the kind of mother I want to be most of the time.   I’m not perfect (although close)  but keep  my eye on what I want to be remembered for.
    10. Finally I am fun… I can hang with all different kinds of people and enjoy it.    I am open-minded and although we may not look like we have much in common, I am going to find a way to have fun with you if I can.  There are a few hard nuts to crack sometimes and I know when to quit too.

    There you have it.  Pass it on to others. Tell them that I am just that cool. Have them read my blog or twitter me to show them (@showingmyassets) why they need to be reading my blog and making a personal connection to me.  I may not be your cup of tea, but then again you have to take a sip of me to find out! I love all my readers and hope that the next year I can rock it just as hard as I rocked it this year…

    IMHO (In My Honest Opinion)

    As I was coming up with what I wanted to write about I began to think about some of the most overused popular abbreviations and/or acronyms on the ‘net and I decided to come up with my own list of abbreviations that would serve as an alternative to the ones used now.  There are abbreviations and/or acronyms that I find just don’t fit with my needs.  Due to the fact I am an extremely bright creative type I decided to create some acronyms of my own.  For reference, I did look up the most common abbreviations/acronyms at IMHut.com.  It was not a complete list but it helped as a jumping off point…

    Don't we all need this?

    Don't we all need this?

    Here a few of the most commonly used acronyms:
    LOL= Laughing out loud
    ROFL= Rolling on floor laughing or rolling on floor laughing my ass off (ROFLMAO)
    BRB= Be right back
    OMG=Oh my gosh (or God) or OMFG=Oh my fucking gosh ( or God)
    IMHO= In my humble opinion
    JK= Just kidding
    TTFN=Ta ta for now (in my opinion, have always hated this one)
    TY=Thank you

    I could come up with many others but these are some very common ones used and I know propose some new abbreviations to convey perhaps a different sentiment. I know that you may not have the need to use these but I will gladly let anyone use these if they would like.

    PIMP= Peed in my pants, as in that joke you sent made me PIMP!
    NWMT= not worth my time, eg. that movie was so NWMT.
    BOOMM= Bored out of my mind , eg. during that presentation I was BOOMM
    CYBTS= Can you believe that shit?
    SMF= Stuff my face, eg. BRB goin’ to SMF
    NCIH= No chance in Hell, eg. you have NCIH with her
    DILLIC= Do I look like I care?
    TRS= That really sucks.
    PT= Potty time
    FFA= Fun for all, eg. that party will b FFA.
    YAWOL= You are way out of line
    NSB= Need sex bad , can add a T for tonight (NSBT)
    BC= Booty call
    WUT= What do you think?
    SOS= Someone is over my shoulder, eg. SOS talk later.
    BIV= Boss in vicinity, or whoever you want to put in front of it. HIV=husband in vicinity, KIV= kid in vincinity
    NSS= Not so smart, eg. did something NSS yesterday
    HIS= Hottie in sight
    LOML= Love of my Life or lust of my loins
    TUT= tweet you tomorrow ( for those of us who use twitter)
    BAD= Being a dick
    BAB= Being a bitch
    AW4U= All wrong for you, eg. that guy is AW4U
    NOTM= Never occurred to me, eg. that idea NOTM
    BBE= Best blog ever, eg. showing off my assets is BBE!
    ROAN= Rockin’ out all night
    FWB= friend with benefits, eg. Sam is  FWB.NH= Not happening, eg. going out tonight is NH
    H4U= Hot for you
    SUS= Seriously you suck ,eg. SUS for ditching me for that dude.
    TML=Text me later

    There you go.  A few new abbreviations that you can add to your chat,IM, text or whatever to help make your life more colorful.  I encourage you to start using them.  When someone asks “Where did you hear that?” just tell them that you got it from the BBE! (best blog ever) in case you forgot.  As always your comments are encouraged and appreciated.  I would love to add to my list if you want to shoot me some new abbreviations I will be happy to add them on to this list.  Enjoy—–

    OHB ( translation) One happy (or horny,hot,etc.) blogger

    Naughty or Nice? You Decide

    Santa Baby – Cynthia Basinet

    Dear Santa Baby,

    Please take a minute to read this letter from your lil’ giver of cheer … me.  I want to tell you that you are going to have to follow along closely because I need to confess a couple things and also let you know some of my wishes too.  I just hope you will find it in your heart to put this naughty girl on your nice list.

    First of all I will admit what makes me naughty:  I really enjoy sex (which is not bad) and sometimes I can sit and think of it and not get my housework done.  I also write a blog which even says it out loud to the general public.  I get a certain thrill out of being the girl-next-door turned naughty girl, probably a bigger thrill than I should!!  I also have been naughty also by often not answering the phone when my mother calls.   As a mom, Santa, I could do better too.  Sometimes I have sent the kids to school on a day that they probably needed a shower that morning.  As for the man in my life,  I might have been guilty of asking him to do things I could do one too many times, to get  Diet Dr. Peppers for me and also for spending hours on-line talking suggestively to other men. (psst… if you are one of those guys I won’t tell)  I know it is wrong to pretend to be nice when underneath feeling naughty like I do and for that I hope you will be understanding.

    As for the nice things I did this year, Santa, here are just a few of the things I might have done right…  I have been attentive to my kids in a way that makes them feel loved.  They know that their parents try their hardest to make them into responsible and kind adults.  Not to say I have not screwed up but I have instilled in them love for others.  I also have been a good wife to the hubs by letting him have sex anytime he wants it.  (isn’t that nice of me?)  I have for the most part been supportive of his endeavors and I think he feels loved too.  My dogs, Indy and Scout,  were adopted too this year at the animal shelter which I believe should earn me points for niceness.2008-june-035

    I will let you decide what you think but I am thinking that I can be a nice girl who sometimes can be naughty.  As with any Santa letter, I need to list a few things I am wishing for:

    For all of us I wish health, well-being, and joy.  For Santa, even if I  get all those things on my list, I know that without the things above there is not a lot to appreciate.  Another thing Santa if you need a special incentive for coming down the chimney, just give me a twitter!!!

    All my Love,


    Thanks for Giving Me…

    In true Thanksgiving spirit,  I am going to present things I am thankful for this year and what I am glad to have in my life.  Now I know that I am the queen of the lists and to keep in true form I thought I would do a list that went along with my blog, so for each letter in the blog title I will pick an item I am thankful for today.  Without further ado I give you the Showing Off My Assets 2008 thankfulness list:

    S:  Sharing love with those near and far, some maybe might be easier  to love from afar

    H: Having a great sense of humor and letting everyone get to experience it on my blog

    O: Owning my home, in good standing

    W: Writing my Showing My Assets blog

    I: Interested in making the world a better place , one chuckle at a time

    N: Nice friends in my life at home, on-line, and imaginary (just kidding on the last one)

    G: Great husband *most of the time * and great parents who raised me

    O: Outstanding sex drive

    F: Freedom , serious on this one. Thanks military for keeping it that way!

    F: Fine hound dogs, Indy and Scout

    M: Mom to three of the cutest munchkins you will ever find

    Y: Youth: I may not be as young as I once was but I am as good as I once was…

    A: Ass-ets… Gotta be grateful for what the good Lord gave me.

    S: Sister and he upcoming wedding this year.

    S: Sweet treats. What can I say I am always thankful for the sweet treats.

    E: Eager to learn and curious still about life.

    T: Twitter pals.

    S: Something else. This actually will be anything else that I can think of that  I am sure I will think of after writing this post.

    So this is my incomplete list, but you get the point. Please have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving for you all in the states and a happy Thursday if not in the U.S.  Remember to show off your ass-ets to whoever is there on Thanksgiving.  There really is always something to be thankful for everyday, look for it this Thanksgiving!