C’mon Baby Light My Fire

Over the last several months I suffered  with on-going bouts of clinical depression and lost my spark of life for a bit.  Thank goodness they added another medicine that seems to be working well (knock on wood).  For a few weeks prior to today I was looking at life in the most negative way possible.  I know that sometimes things just suck.  You know it, I know it. The” less than happy days”  are followed eventually with a day that pulls you out of it and gives you something to smile about.  This depression is nothing new and will be  a part of my life forever.  I just was again struck at how much depression really just makes you so tired of sticking with it, etc.  That does not have to mean suicide, it can mean lack of motivation, disinterest, or fatigue.  However that is to you, one thing remains true.  The spark that lights your fire inside is indeed almost snuffed out and some days you wonder if it is lit at all.  It feels like you might never get it back or that you are on the edge of the flame just blowing out quietly or perhaps with a big flash of light.

Patriotic Pin-Up

It is the Independence Day celebration here in the United States where we celebrate the fact that we defeated the English and gained our freedom to become our own free nation.  I am happy to say that for me I remain ready to show off my assets to anyone who will look and that depression may bring this chick down but it sure as hell won’t take me out!! I am like the firecracker and am sometimes loud when lit.  (very true after chocolate martinis) I am the sparkler who burns hot for all to see… For this 4th of July I am happy to say I  see the spark which I feared was growing dim.  Take a lesson from me and enjoy all of your moments over this holiday.  Let everyone see your true colors.


I’ll Show You My Tweet…

Tweet with me!

Tweet with me!

I have shared my love of  twitter and I was way ahead of Oprah on this one. Oh why do I love thee?  For some of you people who don’t know Twitter, it is a social media site designed to answer the simple question of  “What are you doing?”  In 140 characters or less, the tweeter (person who writes the tweet) gets to answer this question in a way that is individual to them.  Starting out with Twitter was a suggestion from a friend online who just mentioned it in passing.  I knew Facebook and Myspace already and decided I would check Twitter out.  I don’t think  I could have predicted the influence and the benefits from it.   I think that it has made me more aware of my community both online and inmy everyday life.  Alright so you might be thinking, “Well that is just super that you like it, but what the hell does it offer me?” I am going to give you a few reasons and uses for Twitter that you may or may not have considered.  The viewpoint is all mine and the reasons are hardly new.

  1. There are just some really cool people out in the world who you might not have the pleasure of running into.  I live in Tennessee and some super cool “tweep” I chat with might live in California.
  2. Twitter can be anything you want it to be.   It can mean a lot to you and provide you a network of people all over the world to interact with or it can get an idea,website,blog, or product to a larger audience.
  3. Twitter makes our world feel smaller and helps to get people in the same place who enjoy the same things.   I mean searching for people who like to talk about clothes, sports, celebs, or in my case sex ( just occasionally of course) can be done locally but it takes time.   For mothers it offers simply a way to connect to other moms  easily and quickly.  Twitter is just a click away and you get the chance to find any of these  people with ease.
  4. People drive Twitter and it has become a community for people like me to connect in meaningful ways that are far from trivial.  We can say we feel connected but as I have been dealing with depression recently, there have many people who have written me supportive notes to tell me that they deal with it or give me supportive words.  I don’t take that lightly and value this part of the interactions.
  5. Guess what? Not everyone thinks like you and that my dears is okay.  Twitter allows you a chance to maybe look at someone else’s point of view.  If you are uncomfortable with that, you can also have a network of people who think like you do.
  6. Sexy people… I said it.  Twitter has made me smile more days than not.  I provide a sexy tweet here and there and my tweeps will run with it.  You can harmlessly flirt and have a good time all within a few minutes and 140 characters.
  7. You know people where you go.  You automatically get reviews on restaurants and things to do from people who live there or have been there.  People lots of times meet up and hang out as well.  How cool is that?
  8. Those  artists or actors who you have a sweet spot for may end up tweeting with you.  How awesome is it that Steven Page from Barenaked Ladies tweets with me on occassion?  It makes me want to spend more money on whoever the person of interest is and I feel personally connected.  For the trolls however don’t screw it up for the rest of us by using it as a platform to spew nastiness…
  9. Tweet-ups are events where people in the same community who use twitter actually meet face-to-face and you find that these people for the most part are just as cool in real life as online.
  10. Where else can you make up a new vocabulary that starts with “tw-”  like tweeps, twitterverse, or twittersphere?

There is in a nutshell some of the reasons I totally dig twitter and let me tell you there are many cool people out there just waiting to be found.  Do yourself a favor and try it.  It might be just what you have hoped for or even better.  @showingmyassets is my twitter name.  Look me up and tweet with me today!

P.S.  I want to know your go to Twitter peeps… Add the name of that person in the comments here that you just love to read their tweets or look forward to reading.  I love adding more interesting people to my list.  Of course you know that @showingmyassets is the best one of course…

My Kind of Fantasy Camp

There are these opportunities  called fantasy camps that allow adults to  indulge in and  live out their desire to be a rock star, hockey player, etc.   There is a whole website called GrownUpCamps.com that is designed for the adult who just wants to live out their dream of being something else other than what they are in their normal life  for a week.  In daydreaming thinking about it,   I was imagining what the Showing Off My Assets  (SOMA)  Fantasy Camp might look like.  Take a trip with me to a different kind of camp filled with some of the  ideas you have come to expect from me…  I would offer the camp at someplace that would give off a sexy vibe,  but  also out of the way so that our campers could feel free to be whatever they wanted to be.  Antigua came to mind and I think the sand between the toes lends itself to our fantasy camp.



We now have the location pinned down.   What would be offered at this SOMA fantasy camp? Here are a few of the classes offered throughout the week :

  • Stripping 101:  Learn How to Take It Off
  • Learn How to Work the Pole
  • Creative Juices Flowing :   A class designed to help you get in touch with putting those hot fantasies on paper
  • The Art of Seduction:   Learn the Ways to Seduce Anyone
  • Kama Sutra Explained
  • What Not to Wear when Seducing:   Our version includes a “makeover” turning one of our campers from “oh no no” to “ooh la la”
  • Use of Sex Toys, Bondage, and Kink:    with free toys provided from Eden’s Fantasy
  • Writing a Sexy Blog:  Taught by yours truly
  • Self Confidence: Learning to feel good in the body and mind you were given

These classes would be informative and free with plenty of time left to take care of yourself or your partner after each class.  This camp would focus on taking a fantasy of yours and preparing for a end of camp “performance.”  At the rock -n-roll fantasy camps they always have a final gig showing the week’s worth of learning.  Our campers would come up with a fantasy at the beginning of camp and come up with a way to express themselves in a fun party at the end of the week.  An example might be a fantasy of being a stripper on stage and performing a small striptease on stage.  Of course with our campers libations would be served at all classes and activities if desired.  Parties and mixers would be nightly allowing our campers to “get to know each other” in any ways the campers might like.  The most important fact of this camp is that there would be no judgments placed on anyone.   We would want our campers to feel comfortable in whatever they wanted to do while at camp and learn the art of self-confidence comes from within.

A Class Offered

A Class Offered

I am proud to announce that Showing Off My Ass-ets has a new advertiser to announce today.  Eden’s Fantasy is is a company which offers a large assortment of adult products from sex toys, lingerie, and anything you might need to “get your groove on.”  The most exciting thing is however that they have a new and awesome reference called  SeXis which is an online magazine which I  use  for reference and inspiration all of the time.  It is a place with great articles, discussions, and forums on all things related to sexuality.  It fills a need that our society has for sex education, tips, and discussion.

It would make sense then if as in my fantasy I was able to have a fantasy camp like the one I have described that it would of course be sponsored by a company like Eden’s Fantasy.  So anyone want to sign up for a non-traditional fantasy camp where you have fun and engage in your fantasies?  I am thinking if it takes off and I can swing it, my readers could get a discount on it.  (Laughs)  It is summer and kids can’t be the only ones who get to go to camp and have fun.   Get out there and stay sexy!
Sexis - a provocative sex magazine at EdenFantasys.com

Why I Am Just That Cool…

It is my birthday soon and while it is not like one of those “milestone” ones, it gives me a time to reflect on who I am, where I’ve been, and where I want to go. (no I did not get that off a greeting card or self-help book)  Gonna say one thing right now,   my life has been crazy.   I have missed posting and  am so glad to be back baby… Back to the subject at hand:  me (or moi as the French like to say) and the many reasons why I am just that cool.   For your reading pleasure I present to you the Top Ten Reasons I Rock:

  1. I bring it when it comes to personality.   I am bold yet tactful, simple yet complex, and  compassionate yet firm.  You might find some other peeps who are cool but I genuinely would totally hang out with myself if I was someone else.
  2. I have a several things I live by in my life and this phrase describes how I feel:   No man is a failure who is enjoying life. William Feather
  3. In a society that often does not appreciate being genuine, I feel like I am almost at all times genuine.  That means that if I am sad you see it or if I am happy you know it.   I don’t live life pushing things down and not showing others how I feel.
  4. I appreciate the special unique traits of people.  I simply think that everyone of us has traits to share with the world.  Instead of looking at the annoying ones, I try hard to look at those interesting traits.   I have learned a lot from others by living like this. ( not all good but more often it has been the good things)
  5. I know how to have an intoxicating attitude.  I also am even more fun while intoxicated with this attitude. *wink* Just ask a few people who have seen me after a few chocolate martinis.    For your information here is the definition of intoxicating in the sense I am describing :” to excite or elate to the point of enthusiasm or frenzy.”
  6. I recognize and embrace the shortcomings I have and work with them.  Let’s be real, I am really cool but I have some (very few mind you) things that I keep in mind.  I am a procrastinator and put things off until the last minute.   I used to be a neat freak and now I have gone to the “dark side.”  I can be at times a bit of an “attention whore” (gasp).  Other than those few things I am perfect… she says laughing to herself.
  7. I like sex and I can say it loud and proud.   I like it,  need it, want it, and love talking about it.  Quite simply  my mind is a gutter and seems like most people (especially the fellas) seem to enjoy my incessant need to banter about it.    I can be crude but favor being a verbal temptress who prefers to be provocative  on-line and in person.  I don’t know why but it seems like there just aren’t enough chicks like me.
  8. I can express my emotions and thoughts in both written and verbal forms.  As a trained clinical social worker,  I am able to get the “stuff” out on the table and deal with it.  I deal with what is going on and move on.  I think that is cool because we have too many people who carry suitcases and suitcases of anger around with them.
  9. I am a kick-ass wife most of the time with the exception of housework.  If you ask hubs, I make it up in other ways!!  I love fully and completely with the kids and am the kind of mother I want to be most of the time.   I’m not perfect (although close)  but keep  my eye on what I want to be remembered for.
  10. Finally I am fun… I can hang with all different kinds of people and enjoy it.    I am open-minded and although we may not look like we have much in common, I am going to find a way to have fun with you if I can.  There are a few hard nuts to crack sometimes and I know when to quit too.

There you have it.  Pass it on to others. Tell them that I am just that cool. Have them read my blog or twitter me to show them (@showingmyassets) why they need to be reading my blog and making a personal connection to me.  I may not be your cup of tea, but then again you have to take a sip of me to find out! I love all my readers and hope that the next year I can rock it just as hard as I rocked it this year…

Hearing Voices

I consider myself very open-minded and willing to give things a chance.  That is what I did on Wednesday night (April 22) at the Yanni Voices concert in Nashville, TN.  We had wonderful seats which were provided to us by the Yanni Voices tour through the One2One Network.

Okay, now stop laughing and let me tell you:  ” This is ain’t your mama’s Yanni show.”  If you don’t know much about Yanni, which I did not prior to Wednesday,  just go here with me … Two hot guys for me and two hot women for the hubs to listen to and watch.   Yanni in the past has only toured alone with his band but the newest endeavor has Yanni’s music set with the “Yanni Voices” who have written lyrics to accompany the music.  Yanni Voices consists of Nathan Pacheco, Ender Thomas, Leslie Mills, and Chloe.    There is an orchestra of musicians who travel with the tour as well who are extremely talented.    I am not a music critic by any stretch of the imagination but I offer to you some of the things I enjoyed about the show.

  • The musicians were very talented and what a treat it was to hear the music actually played and not piped in.  It was amazing the way these musicians played with such passion.
  • Ladies:  The two guys who were part of the Yanni Voices were H-O-T!  Nathan and Ender (first name basis now) made me very happy I had come to watch the concert.  Did I tell you I got to meet them backstage? Meow!
Nathan Pacheco

Nathan Pacheco

  • Men:  As my husband commented, ” Leslie was like the sugar of the women and Chloe more of the spice.”  Leslie had a more classic crooner style vocally, while Chloe was much more sultry in her performance.  At one point both women are writhing on the piano which I believe was a highlight for many men at the show.
  • Yanni himself is quite a showman and I was mesmerized with the way the soloists, the artists, and Yanni kept taking his music in different directions, including a harp solo that you must see to believe!    He is Greek so he carries himself in a way which left many of the women in front of me to scream yell loudly for this music superstar.
  • While the show was not overtly sexual, there were some songs which  were  sensual at times.
  • The show was filled with energy and had no lull at all during the two hour show.

I was pleasantly surprised by the show even though I had heard Leslie Mills at a performance she gave for the Ulimate Blog Party Live in March.  Leslie was wonderful and her counterparts in the show did not disappoint.  It was a night out for the hubs and I and we even got to go backstage and meet the four Yanni Voices.

My motto in life is ” Have an open mind in all things and you might be pleasantly surprised.”   The Yanni Voices tour was an enjoyable evening for hubs and I and I appreciated the talent of all thouse involved with the show.  So before you write something off as not to your liking, give it a chance.  You might just be glad you did!

The Voices and Yours Truly

Bits and Pieces

Another time to play the game I call Who is this woman?” This is where I take  time today to give  some more glimpses into the psyche of a hot chick like myself.  (no problem with self-confidence, thank you very much)   Thanks to my influx of new readers there are many who may wonder:   Just who is this person who wants to “Show Off Her Ass-ets?”   Here I give you more random facts about me…

  • I do think about sex as much as I write about it.    I am not bragging about it, but I  like people to know it is very much a part of who I am.
  • Going with the first fact I have the need to discuss and be provocative with men I find interesting.  I also upfront in telling those men of my commitment to the hubs.
  • I love the fact that I have become less inhibited as I have gotten older. I spend far less time thinking about “What will people think?”
  • I lead a double life.  I enjoy playing Second Life which is virtual world which allows you to create your own avatar and life. In that life you can do what you want with who you want.  It allows me a chance to have another outlet to get my fantasies played out as Bliss Dubrovna who has a virtual hunk named Viggo.
  • I love hockey and football.  Men with big sticks ( hockey) are hot and the football pants make a man look oh so good…
  • I graduated in 3 years with my Bachelor’s  degree and was accepted into an advanced standing program for my Master’s degree which allowed me to get my graduate degree in 1 yr.  I was a  bit of an overachiever when it came to college.
  • When I was in elementary school my childhood dog Abby got loose and ran down to the bus stop and jumped on the bus.  My mother ran down the street in her robe to get the dog off the bus.  I can remember the mean bus driver to this day!
  • I suffered from severe post partum depression after the birth of my last son.  I believe that I was shown at that time what was really important in my life.  I take my medication and I guess can now be considered  “certifiable.” ( chuckling )
  • I believe very strongly that being vulnerable and putting yourself out there leads to wonderful opportunities with other people.  Taking a chance when it comes to sharing some of yourself can be a win-win situation.
  • Chocolate martinis are my favorite cocktails.  The combination of alcohol and chocolate is a bit of heaven for me.
  • I have a list of men (celebrities and such)  I would bed ( have sex with)  in a heartbeat that seems to increase weekly.  There only seems to be the common denominator of smart, funny, and witty guys.
  • Two of my newer additions to this list include Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) and Robert Pattison (of Twilight fame).  

Just in case you wondered why I put those photos in…  I know have an easy place to come and look at those cuties!

  • I have lived in Indiana, Michigan, and Tennessee.  Those places were never the same after me or before me…

There you go.  The  facts you just could not live without on yours truly.  I have an insatiable curiosity,  so I hope this fed you a little bit more information about me.  Questions or comments are always welcomed and appreciated.  All this talk of hot men has led me to think I might need a cold shower…

**In case you wanted to know even more about me there is a prior post entitled Random Bits about My Ass-ets.

Sex Needs Better PR

Sex needs better public relations. (which will be referred to as PR from now on) Public relations – often referred to as PR – gains an organization or individual exposure to their audiences using topics of public interest and news items that do not require direct payment.   I will do this  work for free and the fact that no one is beating the door down to sponsor  SOMA (Showing Off My Ass-ets) and my campaign to give sexuality a makeover.   I am on record as saying that we need a team of advertisers and public relation types to get on board and make healthy and normal sexuality here in the United States (and I am sure other places too) just a part of life.  No need for the “dirty little secrets ” or embarrassment regarding the whole issue.   Now you might be thinking, how will I do this? As usual I have a plan to boost “my favorite pastime” to the place where it ought to be in society. Just think of me as the heroine for sexuality, baby!

The Image of Our HeroineThe days of sexuality being “dirty” or “seedy” are hopefully days of the past with this new PR plan.  Our goal is to:  ” Provide society a chance to see what a healthy sexual relationship with yourself or a partner can be like, without the feelings of guilt and shame that have been associated with sexuality in our culture for many years.”  It might be a basic goal but any goal that puts sexuality into a more positive light is a step in the right direction.  Sex education is the goal.   This is  regarding school instruction  but a ” Sex education, which is sometimes called sexuality education or sex and relationships education, is the process of acquiring information and forming attitudes and beliefs about sex, sexual identity, relationships and intimacy.” Our target audience:   Men, women, and everyone in-between.   We can’t leave anyone out of this equation.

I have never claimed to be a public relations aficionado but my life experiences and professional experiences have led me to the conclusion that when we don’t discuss sexuality in a healthy way and don’t have a vision of what that looks like it begins “oozing” into many areas of society which it need not go.  Being able to have a healthy and positive self-image of your body and your own sexuality benefits us all.  Healthy sexuality involves:

  • the ability to talk about sexual relationships not in a tawdry way but in a way that promotes sexuality as a part of life
  • the ability to ask for or give yourself  what satisfies your own sexual needs
  • the maturity of the  two people involved to understand the choice being made when engaging in this intimate activity
  • the confidence to believe that we as humans are designed by God (or whatever your belief system encompasses on this matter) for a healthy sexual relationship with each other.

Stepping down off  the soapbox for the moment and just giving you some points to consider.  Healthy sexuality here in the United States has been pushed underground and for that reason alone comes “oozing” to the top whenever there is the smallest crack.  Take a minute to think about how great this gift of sexuality is to all of us.  Promote the healthy sexuality that or society has taken from us and let’s enjoy the gift! ( I know I am going to)

A website which has a lot more information on things promoting sex education is   http://www.edenfantasys.com/guides-tips/.  There is something for everyone on the site and you can click on those things you are interested in and ignore parts you may not be interested in.  I found this at their website, called Sex Is… and wanted to include it:
Sex is…discovery.
Sex is…finding out who you truly are.
Sex is…putting on masks to reveal your true face.
Sex is…body magic.
Sex is…of the soul.
Sex is…peace.
Sex is…your own private art.
Sex is…music.

Sex is…you.
Sex is…them.
Sex is…us.
Sex is…creativity.
Sex is…joy.
Sex is…anything you want it to be and more.
Sex is…last night.
Sex is…tonight.
Sex is…now.
Sex is…RIGHT here and RIGHT now.

I am charging you my readers to go out there and work on the PR for healthy sexuality and carry the banner of this cause.  Did I also mention that it might also be fun?   Love to hear your reactions to this or any post.  I would not be Showing Off My Ass-ets if I didn’t make you think, would I?