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Missed Me Much?


I have been slow to get new posts up over the last several months and I would like to say there is a good reason for that.  I can’t say that.  For the first time in over a year I hit a slump where I just could not find my voice on current topics or anything else to be honest.  Today I vow to:

  • Write even when I don’t feel like it.   Enough said on this point.
  • Provide a brief glimpse into the brain of  yours truly.  Scary I know…
  • Be provocative. Provocative : serving or tending to provoke, excite, or stimulate.
  • Not suck.  I say this because I try hard to write my posts well.  I don’t ever want the reader to say “Wow that writing really sucks.”  You may not agree but I will always try to have a well-written point.
  • Give you a break from the everyday world by simply being myself.

That is all I can do.  In case you  are new here at Showing Off My Ass-ets, please take a moment to go back and get to know me.  See what I am all about.  For those of you who know me, thanks for sticking by me.



Crooning Over You

In my second music review of this week ,  I review Michael Buble’s new album Crazy Love .  One2OneNetwork provided me the CD to listen to and comment.   I was new to  Micheal Buble  before sitting down to listen to this new release.  All I knew prior to listening was that he was from Canada.  I was expecting to hear smooth melodies and vocals and I was not disappointed.    I had thought perhaps they would all be old standards with no original songs at all.    I was pleasantly surprised that out of his thirteen tracks there were new songs like “Haven’t Met You Yet” included on the album.  The album has  standards like “Georgia on My Mind” and “Stardust.”  “Stardust”  is sung and arranged especially well as it is done a capella with the accompaniment of Naturally 7. Several notable covers like “Cry Me a River” and “Crazy Love” are included and while familiar are done with a newness.   Michael Buble’s voice hits all the right notes on this album and delivers to this new listener.  His voice is smooth and silky with emotion bubbling up to the top.  I will definitely put Michael Buble on my music radar after listening to this CD.  It also doesn’t hurt ladies that he is easy on the eyes either…  Michael Buble can croon to me anytime!


Music to My Ears

I was lucky enough to get a preview copy from One2One Network of Brandi Carlile ‘s newest release,” Give Up the Ghost.”   I say lucky because that is exactly what I felt when I heard this  singer/songwriter sing.    Carlile’s latest release was my first time hearing her voice and experience her songwriting.  She brings together folk and rock on this release.  Her voice has a sincerity in it that shows through on all ten of the  tracks.  Her vocals combined with her band consisting of twin guitarists/bassists, a drummer, and a cellist hits the right notes.  In songs like “Caroline”   Carlile delivers a big sound with the help of none other than Sir Elton John…  “Looking Out” is a song showcasing some of the album’s best lyrics such as “I know the darkness pulls on you, but it’s just a point of view  When you’re outside looking in, you belong to someone.”    My favorite on the album happens to be “That Year” which she  tells of the suicide of a high-school  friend.  Her crystal clear voice along with the raw lyrics can’t help but leave an impression on your mind.    Carlile throughout this album does not dissapoint this listener.


As many of you know I am not a music critic but I hope that I have piqued your interest in Brandi Carlile.  If you like artists like the Indigo Girls,  David Gray, Norah Jones, or Ingrid Michaelson,  give  Brandi Carlile  a chance with  “Give Up the Ghost.”       Her enticing clear voice and the well-thought lyrics was  “Music for my ears.”

A Word By Any Other Name

Like many of you, I’m guilty of over-using  words or phrases in my daily life. did a recent story of overused and annoying words from a panel of reporters,  and it prompted me to think of the words I love and hate.    There’s a  great story at which lists 10 words they felt needed to be “put out to pasture.”  So many popped into mind as I sat down to compile this llist, and my pals on Twitter had some suggestions too.   Here then  I give you  the words or phrases,  Showing Off My Ass-ets considers irritating or tired. On the other side I provide a list of ones I love to throw in conversation for color.

  • Irregardless This word gets used so often that I wondered if it really might be a word in the dictionary.  Afer looking at here’s what I found:
  • First, let’s talk about irregardless. Some people mistakenly use irregardless when they mean “regardless.” Regardless means “regard less,” “without regard,” or despite something. For example, Squiggly will eat chocolate regardless of the consequences.  The prefix ir- (i-r) is a negative prefix, so if you add the prefix ir to a word that’s already negative like regardless, you’re making a double-negative word that literally means “without without regard.”

  • Like For fifteen plus years this word has been used way too much.  Remember “Valley Girls” the movie that inspired this change in vocabulary?  Like means : to be suitable or agreeable to,to feel attraction toward or take pleasure in, to wish to have, or to to do well in according to Merriam-Webster dictionary.  Now it is used as a filler in conversation ” I was, like going to eat at like the McDonald’s…”  This is a word I am guilty of using to excess.
  • Whatever This word has slowly crept into more than just the teen’s lingo, as adults now use it as well.  Whatever in it’s proper form according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary : “anything or everything that, no matter what, or used to express astonishment or perplexity.”  After the popularity of the Legally Blonde movies this word along with the hand movement that goes along with has become a constant thorn in our collective side.  It can be used in a sentence like this ”  I said to my mom, “whatever, please leave me alone.”
  • whatever

    For me these three are  so overused and played that I wonder if they will ever retain their orginal meaning.  There are so many more that I could come up with but I think you get the point.

    As for my list of words I like to sprinkle in which are overlooked:

    • Frothy: I love to use this word which means “light in content.”  I use it to describe magazine articles I might read or a television show I might watch.  An example might be ”  That show was a refreshing and frothy comedy.”  Try it out in conversation.
    • Cheeky: I’m not from England but I love this word a whole lot…  Being cheeky to me means being bold and I love using this word to describe myself at times.
    • Belligerent: This means to want to wage war or inclined to aggresiveness.  Example of this word usage is ” He became belligerent when I told him to clean his room.”

    I hope this inspires you to get out there and substitute some new words in place of the ones you may (over) use  in your daily discussions with others.  Come up with more that drive you crazy and comment for me below.  I love getting comments and feedback.  This cheeky one is signing off for now…


    Lessons Learned In Second Life

    Bliss Dubrovna is my avatar and she is a hottie.  I admit it, I am a bit addicted at times with Second Life.  Second Life is that game where many people from all over the world decide to create avatars and have adventures in a second life.  While my first life indeed rocks, my second life does too.  Bliss has learned some lessons while “in world” ( the name for when you are in the world of Second Life playing)  Second Life is a MMORG which stands for :

    (Massively Multiuser Online Role Playing Game) A role playing game on the computer played by many people. An MMORPG differs from a regular computer role playing game because its environment is perpetual. People log in, join the game, take on their role and leave whenever they wish, but the game continues

    My avatar Bliss

    My avatar Bliss

    So what if anythings has Bliss taught me in the RL (Real life)?

    • There are a ton of interesting people in this world who I might not have met had it not been for this blog, Second Life, Twitter, etc.  These kind of things help you meet those folks.
    • Bliss takes risks and does things out of wanting to have an experience and I have learned that is the way to live my life too
    • Bliss and I both dig HOT guys.  Enough said…
    • I am sorry but if you have problems with written communication then neither Bliss or myself will be that into you.   I love words and so does my Bliss.
    • Take a chance. Bliss walks up to people all over the place while in Second Life and meets people.  Some she really likes and others “not so much.”
    • Creeps are creeps!  They are out there.  Bliss has met the guy on Second Life who gives you a shot of his penis and makes you very uncomfortable.  In RL (real life) there are those kinds too.  Stay far away from them.
    • Bliss has taught me that I love writing. Whether I write in my blog, online in the game, or in conversation I appreciate the written language far more than I ever thought.
    • Bliss and I are hotties in both worlds.  Just deal with it, I am the brains behind Bliss and as you know I am just that cool.
    • Life is short. Live it and love it. Take it like Bliss does, when the game gets boring or upsetting you can turn it off and start over again later.  We can too. The next day is a chance to start off anew with all kinds of possibilities.

    There are my simple life lessons that Bliss has taught me.   If you set up anaccount (which is free ) at look me up as Bliss Dubrovna.  See ya in world I hope soon.

    As a side note I have to include this clip of a video from the actors of the web series called The Guild called “Do You  Wanna Date My Avatar?” is hysterical.  Watch it for a chuckle…

    Harry Potter’s Cougar

    I need to be Daniel Radcliffe’s cougar.   Radcliffe is the actor most notably known for Harry Potter role.  I admit i dig Harry Potter.   Here is the definition of a cougar and I think  I meet these guidelines.

    A woman in her sexual prime who prefers to hunt rather than be hunted. A cougar’s victims are usually under 25, as cougars prefer to mate with men who still have hair.

    • You might wonder why I totally dig Daniel Radcliffe… so here is a few of his hot traits and why I totally think he needs to be my lover.At age 19, he is young and virile.   For me that is a major plus.  No “I am too tired for sex.”
    • Here is a quote in  Details Magazine which he says it all:

    the button fly on his jeans bore the designer label “Absolute Joy” because  (according to Radcliffe)”that’s what lurks beneath”.

    I think I could just end the post here and be happy with what he says and the reasons he totally wants to be with  someone older and more mature like myself.

    • At 37 I am the perfect age to enjoy the delights that Radcliffe would bring me.
    • Here is a picture of him in his “glory” for Equus: Tell me what is not to love about that body?  I can almost see his magic wand. *wink*
    In all his glory...

    In all his glory...

    • I became a big fan of Daniel after an interview on Inside the Actor’s Studio.  His responses and demeanor gave me the biggest turn on  and showed me that the combnation of wit and smarts made me weak in the knees…  See what you think.

    With the new movie Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince coming out today I tell you that  Daniel Radcliffe may play a boy in the movie but for me he’s all man!  The name of my movie would be Harry Potter and a Night with a Cougar.  Signing off for now… RAWR.

    Rest in Peace

    What does rest in peace really mean?   Rest in peace goes back to Latin origins of  a three word prayer when someone had died and was buried. In Latin it was Requiescat in pace” which meant “may he/she rest in peace”.   Down through the ages into our modern English, the term “RIP” has remained consistent with that translation.

    Steve McNair was a NFL quarterback who spent most of his career with the Tennessee Titans, the football team of my adopted hometown of  Nashville, TN.    He tragically died on July 4, 2009 from multiple gunshot wounds.  Details remain fuzzy, but it is safe to say that the Steve McNair we thought we knew had character flaws just like the rest of us.

    I am not here to judge, but would like to bring to light the fact that “Rest In Peace” can mean many things to different people.  It should mean that we need to celebrate the good deeds and positive attributes of the person who has died.  We give them the honor in death that we hope they received in life, although all too often, this is not the case.  At this time we make a special effort to focus on the footprint the deceased person left in the lives of people he met.  It does not mean we forget the negative aspects or personal flaws about the deceased, but for that short amount of time we refrain from voicing our opinions about it.  Steve McNair, 36, was found to be involved with Sahel Kazemi, 20, whom he had met six months earlier when she was a waitress at a local Nashville establishment.  McNair was married and had 2 children who he leaves behind.  Ms. Kazemi was found shot to death as well with McNair.  The whole story is not known at this time but it appears that this part of McNair’s life was kept hidden from his family.

    McNair’s death has recieved the local and national media attention that one would expect following the death of a celebrity and sports star who dies at a young age.  Admirably, the facts have been placed out there without judgments made or assumptions jumped to.  People have been quick to tell all the things he did in the community, on the football field, as a friend, business owner, and as an ambassador of sorts for Nashville.    The fact remains that he did have an extra-marital affair and I am sure that his wife feels betrayed by him even in death.  Unfortunately, people are often unfaithful.  They have been, and will continue to be for all time.  This is not something that people want to hear at a funeral, and don’t usually bring up in discussing the dead person’s life during this difficult time.

    Our media and in some ways our society feels the need to air all the dirty laundry ever known about a person. Micheal Jackson recently died as well and he, as a pop-music icon known around the world, has been under scrutiny even in death.  People don’t earn a free pass for us not to  acknowledge any misdeeds, but bringing it up all of the time is in bad taste.   I look at the term “Rest In Peace” in a way which means that we allow the family and loved ones of the deceased a chance to celebrate that person’s life, and grieve their loss.  We let them rest, knowing that their loved one, famous or not, is acknowledged for living a good life.  The mistakes are not highlighted, and the flaws remain, but they are only the small part of the total picture.  In my faith, the deceased person remains aware, even in death, that they had people who loved them and who gathered to celebrate a life lived.  The deceased enjoys knowing that their journey of life here is over and the after-life begins with peace.  The family and friends are given permission and encouragement to be at peace with the person who has died.

    It may not bother you that places like and Perez Hilton make money and gain fame off the deaths of what are ultimately just another human being who was loved by others.  I think it in poor taste that we as consumers of this information seek to know more of the seedy facts about the dead person than finding out how the person helped others.  Here is an example of what Steve McNair did in terms of helping others:

    The Steve McNair Foundation

    Founded in 2001, The Steve McNair Foundation, Inc., a 501 (c) 3 organization, is devoted to serving underprivileged children through programs and grants focusing on inspiring and empowering today’s youth to utilize the educational, civic, and athletic opportunities available to them. Our foundation also provides scholarships for boys participating in the Steve McNair Annual Football Camps in Tennessee and Mississippi. Over the past ten years, more than 5,000 campers have had the opportunity to attend football camps funded by the Steve McNair Foundation. The foundation always looks to provide financial support to non-profit agencies that promote self-esteem, self-confidence and self-worth among children.

    As I read this, I wondered how many times this has been acknowledged in the media.  Steve McNair made some choices in his personal life, of which we should not judge.   Let’s weigh it all and come up with an accurate picture of this man.  “Rest In Peace” is what we need to remember and I pray that Steve McNair, his family, and friends can find peace at this most difficult time.  I have tried to show proper respect here, and hope that you will too when you next hear of the death of a famous person.

    R.I.P. Steve McNair.

    Steve McNair

    Steve McNair