Music to My Ears

I was lucky enough to get a preview copy from One2One Network of Brandi Carlile ‘s newest release,” Give Up the Ghost.”   I say lucky because that is exactly what I felt when I heard this  singer/songwriter sing.    Carlile’s latest release was my first time hearing her voice and experience her songwriting.  She brings together folk and rock on this release.  Her voice has a sincerity in it that shows through on all ten of the  tracks.  Her vocals combined with her band consisting of twin guitarists/bassists, a drummer, and a cellist hits the right notes.  In songs like “Caroline”   Carlile delivers a big sound with the help of none other than Sir Elton John…  “Looking Out” is a song showcasing some of the album’s best lyrics such as “I know the darkness pulls on you, but it’s just a point of view  When you’re outside looking in, you belong to someone.”    My favorite on the album happens to be “That Year” which she  tells of the suicide of a high-school  friend.  Her crystal clear voice along with the raw lyrics can’t help but leave an impression on your mind.    Carlile throughout this album does not dissapoint this listener.


As many of you know I am not a music critic but I hope that I have piqued your interest in Brandi Carlile.  If you like artists like the Indigo Girls,  David Gray, Norah Jones, or Ingrid Michaelson,  give  Brandi Carlile  a chance with  “Give Up the Ghost.”       Her enticing clear voice and the well-thought lyrics was  “Music for my ears.”


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