I’ll Show You My Tweet…

Tweet with me!

Tweet with me!

I have shared my love of  twitter and I was way ahead of Oprah on this one. Oh why do I love thee?  For some of you people who don’t know Twitter, it is a social media site designed to answer the simple question of  “What are you doing?”  In 140 characters or less, the tweeter (person who writes the tweet) gets to answer this question in a way that is individual to them.  Starting out with Twitter was a suggestion from a friend online who just mentioned it in passing.  I knew Facebook and Myspace already and decided I would check Twitter out.  I don’t think  I could have predicted the influence and the benefits from it.   I think that it has made me more aware of my community both online and inmy everyday life.  Alright so you might be thinking, “Well that is just super that you like it, but what the hell does it offer me?” I am going to give you a few reasons and uses for Twitter that you may or may not have considered.  The viewpoint is all mine and the reasons are hardly new.

  1. There are just some really cool people out in the world who you might not have the pleasure of running into.  I live in Tennessee and some super cool “tweep” I chat with might live in California.
  2. Twitter can be anything you want it to be.   It can mean a lot to you and provide you a network of people all over the world to interact with or it can get an idea,website,blog, or product to a larger audience.
  3. Twitter makes our world feel smaller and helps to get people in the same place who enjoy the same things.   I mean searching for people who like to talk about clothes, sports, celebs, or in my case sex ( just occasionally of course) can be done locally but it takes time.   For mothers it offers simply a way to connect to other moms  easily and quickly.  Twitter is just a click away and you get the chance to find any of these  people with ease.
  4. People drive Twitter and it has become a community for people like me to connect in meaningful ways that are far from trivial.  We can say we feel connected but as I have been dealing with depression recently, there have many people who have written me supportive notes to tell me that they deal with it or give me supportive words.  I don’t take that lightly and value this part of the interactions.
  5. Guess what? Not everyone thinks like you and that my dears is okay.  Twitter allows you a chance to maybe look at someone else’s point of view.  If you are uncomfortable with that, you can also have a network of people who think like you do.
  6. Sexy people… I said it.  Twitter has made me smile more days than not.  I provide a sexy tweet here and there and my tweeps will run with it.  You can harmlessly flirt and have a good time all within a few minutes and 140 characters.
  7. You know people where you go.  You automatically get reviews on restaurants and things to do from people who live there or have been there.  People lots of times meet up and hang out as well.  How cool is that?
  8. Those  artists or actors who you have a sweet spot for may end up tweeting with you.  How awesome is it that Steven Page from Barenaked Ladies tweets with me on occassion?  It makes me want to spend more money on whoever the person of interest is and I feel personally connected.  For the trolls however don’t screw it up for the rest of us by using it as a platform to spew nastiness…
  9. Tweet-ups are events where people in the same community who use twitter actually meet face-to-face and you find that these people for the most part are just as cool in real life as online.
  10. Where else can you make up a new vocabulary that starts with “tw-”  like tweeps, twitterverse, or twittersphere?

There is in a nutshell some of the reasons I totally dig twitter and let me tell you there are many cool people out there just waiting to be found.  Do yourself a favor and try it.  It might be just what you have hoped for or even better.  @showingmyassets is my twitter name.  Look me up and tweet with me today!

P.S.  I want to know your go to Twitter peeps… Add the name of that person in the comments here that you just love to read their tweets or look forward to reading.  I love adding more interesting people to my list.  Of course you know that @showingmyassets is the best one of course…


2 responses to “I’ll Show You My Tweet…

  1. cool… i keep on hearing about this stuff… never really tried… i supposed i should check it out…

  2. One of the first people I followed on twitter, and still one of my absolute favorites, is @scottyhendo. He’s a friend who just happens to have the very cool job title of Cause Marketing Director for MediaSauce. He does all sorts of cool things on twitter that involve using social media for cause marketing, but beyond that? He’s just plain funny. And I like tweets that make me laugh.

    You can find me on twitter @katydid6

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