My Kind of Fantasy Camp

There are these opportunities  called fantasy camps that allow adults to  indulge in and  live out their desire to be a rock star, hockey player, etc.   There is a whole website called that is designed for the adult who just wants to live out their dream of being something else other than what they are in their normal life  for a week.  In daydreaming thinking about it,   I was imagining what the Showing Off My Assets  (SOMA)  Fantasy Camp might look like.  Take a trip with me to a different kind of camp filled with some of the  ideas you have come to expect from me…  I would offer the camp at someplace that would give off a sexy vibe,  but  also out of the way so that our campers could feel free to be whatever they wanted to be.  Antigua came to mind and I think the sand between the toes lends itself to our fantasy camp.



We now have the location pinned down.   What would be offered at this SOMA fantasy camp? Here are a few of the classes offered throughout the week :

  • Stripping 101:  Learn How to Take It Off
  • Learn How to Work the Pole
  • Creative Juices Flowing :   A class designed to help you get in touch with putting those hot fantasies on paper
  • The Art of Seduction:   Learn the Ways to Seduce Anyone
  • Kama Sutra Explained
  • What Not to Wear when Seducing:   Our version includes a “makeover” turning one of our campers from “oh no no” to “ooh la la”
  • Use of Sex Toys, Bondage, and Kink:    with free toys provided from Eden’s Fantasy
  • Writing a Sexy Blog:  Taught by yours truly
  • Self Confidence: Learning to feel good in the body and mind you were given

These classes would be informative and free with plenty of time left to take care of yourself or your partner after each class.  This camp would focus on taking a fantasy of yours and preparing for a end of camp “performance.”  At the rock -n-roll fantasy camps they always have a final gig showing the week’s worth of learning.  Our campers would come up with a fantasy at the beginning of camp and come up with a way to express themselves in a fun party at the end of the week.  An example might be a fantasy of being a stripper on stage and performing a small striptease on stage.  Of course with our campers libations would be served at all classes and activities if desired.  Parties and mixers would be nightly allowing our campers to “get to know each other” in any ways the campers might like.  The most important fact of this camp is that there would be no judgments placed on anyone.   We would want our campers to feel comfortable in whatever they wanted to do while at camp and learn the art of self-confidence comes from within.

A Class Offered

A Class Offered

I am proud to announce that Showing Off My Ass-ets has a new advertiser to announce today.  Eden’s Fantasy is is a company which offers a large assortment of adult products from sex toys, lingerie, and anything you might need to “get your groove on.”  The most exciting thing is however that they have a new and awesome reference called  SeXis which is an online magazine which I  use  for reference and inspiration all of the time.  It is a place with great articles, discussions, and forums on all things related to sexuality.  It fills a need that our society has for sex education, tips, and discussion.

It would make sense then if as in my fantasy I was able to have a fantasy camp like the one I have described that it would of course be sponsored by a company like Eden’s Fantasy.  So anyone want to sign up for a non-traditional fantasy camp where you have fun and engage in your fantasies?  I am thinking if it takes off and I can swing it, my readers could get a discount on it.  (Laughs)  It is summer and kids can’t be the only ones who get to go to camp and have fun.   Get out there and stay sexy!
Sexis - a provocative sex magazine at


2 responses to “My Kind of Fantasy Camp

  1. I love it! Sign me up. 🙂

  2. Yup…like the sound of this…just the place to get into a second life…

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