Why I Am Just That Cool…

It is my birthday soon and while it is not like one of those “milestone” ones, it gives me a time to reflect on who I am, where I’ve been, and where I want to go. (no I did not get that off a greeting card or self-help book)  Gonna say one thing right now,   my life has been crazy.   I have missed posting and  am so glad to be back baby… Back to the subject at hand:  me (or moi as the French like to say) and the many reasons why I am just that cool.   For your reading pleasure I present to you the Top Ten Reasons I Rock:

  1. I bring it when it comes to personality.   I am bold yet tactful, simple yet complex, and  compassionate yet firm.  You might find some other peeps who are cool but I genuinely would totally hang out with myself if I was someone else.
  2. I have a several things I live by in my life and this phrase describes how I feel:   No man is a failure who is enjoying life. William Feather
  3. In a society that often does not appreciate being genuine, I feel like I am almost at all times genuine.  That means that if I am sad you see it or if I am happy you know it.   I don’t live life pushing things down and not showing others how I feel.
  4. I appreciate the special unique traits of people.  I simply think that everyone of us has traits to share with the world.  Instead of looking at the annoying ones, I try hard to look at those interesting traits.   I have learned a lot from others by living like this. ( not all good but more often it has been the good things)
  5. I know how to have an intoxicating attitude.  I also am even more fun while intoxicated with this attitude. *wink* Just ask a few people who have seen me after a few chocolate martinis.    For your information here is the definition of intoxicating in the sense I am describing :” to excite or elate to the point of enthusiasm or frenzy.”
  6. I recognize and embrace the shortcomings I have and work with them.  Let’s be real, I am really cool but I have some (very few mind you) things that I keep in mind.  I am a procrastinator and put things off until the last minute.   I used to be a neat freak and now I have gone to the “dark side.”  I can be at times a bit of an “attention whore” (gasp).  Other than those few things I am perfect… she says laughing to herself.
  7. I like sex and I can say it loud and proud.   I like it,  need it, want it, and love talking about it.  Quite simply  my mind is a gutter and seems like most people (especially the fellas) seem to enjoy my incessant need to banter about it.    I can be crude but favor being a verbal temptress who prefers to be provocative  on-line and in person.  I don’t know why but it seems like there just aren’t enough chicks like me.
  8. I can express my emotions and thoughts in both written and verbal forms.  As a trained clinical social worker,  I am able to get the “stuff” out on the table and deal with it.  I deal with what is going on and move on.  I think that is cool because we have too many people who carry suitcases and suitcases of anger around with them.
  9. I am a kick-ass wife most of the time with the exception of housework.  If you ask hubs, I make it up in other ways!!  I love fully and completely with the kids and am the kind of mother I want to be most of the time.   I’m not perfect (although close)  but keep  my eye on what I want to be remembered for.
  10. Finally I am fun… I can hang with all different kinds of people and enjoy it.    I am open-minded and although we may not look like we have much in common, I am going to find a way to have fun with you if I can.  There are a few hard nuts to crack sometimes and I know when to quit too.

There you have it.  Pass it on to others. Tell them that I am just that cool. Have them read my blog or twitter me to show them (@showingmyassets) why they need to be reading my blog and making a personal connection to me.  I may not be your cup of tea, but then again you have to take a sip of me to find out! I love all my readers and hope that the next year I can rock it just as hard as I rocked it this year…


One response to “Why I Am Just That Cool…

  1. And humble, you forgot humble…LOL
    I can dig it, I too am one of those rare chics who needs it, wants it and has to have it~as well as loving to express that with anyone who wants to listen.

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