Hearing Voices

I consider myself very open-minded and willing to give things a chance.  That is what I did on Wednesday night (April 22) at the Yanni Voices concert in Nashville, TN.  We had wonderful seats which were provided to us by the Yanni Voices tour through the One2One Network.

Okay, now stop laughing and let me tell you:  ” This is ain’t your mama’s Yanni show.”  If you don’t know much about Yanni, which I did not prior to Wednesday,  just go here with me … Two hot guys for me and two hot women for the hubs to listen to and watch.   Yanni in the past has only toured alone with his band but the newest endeavor has Yanni’s music set with the “Yanni Voices” who have written lyrics to accompany the music.  Yanni Voices consists of Nathan Pacheco, Ender Thomas, Leslie Mills, and Chloe.    There is an orchestra of musicians who travel with the tour as well who are extremely talented.    I am not a music critic by any stretch of the imagination but I offer to you some of the things I enjoyed about the show.

  • The musicians were very talented and what a treat it was to hear the music actually played and not piped in.  It was amazing the way these musicians played with such passion.
  • Ladies:  The two guys who were part of the Yanni Voices were H-O-T!  Nathan and Ender (first name basis now) made me very happy I had come to watch the concert.  Did I tell you I got to meet them backstage? Meow!
Nathan Pacheco

Nathan Pacheco

  • Men:  As my husband commented, ” Leslie was like the sugar of the women and Chloe more of the spice.”  Leslie had a more classic crooner style vocally, while Chloe was much more sultry in her performance.  At one point both women are writhing on the piano which I believe was a highlight for many men at the show.
  • Yanni himself is quite a showman and I was mesmerized with the way the soloists, the artists, and Yanni kept taking his music in different directions, including a harp solo that you must see to believe!    He is Greek so he carries himself in a way which left many of the women in front of me to scream yell loudly for this music superstar.
  • While the show was not overtly sexual, there were some songs which  were  sensual at times.
  • The show was filled with energy and had no lull at all during the two hour show.

I was pleasantly surprised by the show even though I had heard Leslie Mills at a performance she gave for the Ulimate Blog Party Live in March.  Leslie was wonderful and her counterparts in the show did not disappoint.  It was a night out for the hubs and I and we even got to go backstage and meet the four Yanni Voices.

My motto in life is ” Have an open mind in all things and you might be pleasantly surprised.”   The Yanni Voices tour was an enjoyable evening for hubs and I and I appreciated the talent of all thouse involved with the show.  So before you write something off as not to your liking, give it a chance.  You might just be glad you did!

The Voices and Yours Truly


4 responses to “Hearing Voices

  1. Such a great concert! I still need to do my post. The sheer amount of talent on that stage was unbelievable! I’m so glad we got to go.

  2. I saw yr tweet to @Leslie_Mills. I saw Yanni Voices in Baltimore. Loved the show. Also, had great seats through One2OneNetwork. I agree with everything in yr post — esp. the instrumentalists.

  3. Wow you got to meet them?? So is that you and the picture with NICK & ENDER’S ARM AROUND YOU?? Wow.. haha I’m 19 and I’ve always loved yanni, it’s definitely not a “your mama’s” music. His Voices tour just added a more direct channel into the more trancy orchestral sounds he had before.

    .. I am still astounded by your meeting, that is you right?

  4. showingoffmyassets

    Yeah that is me there. They seem to be really nice guys too and the girls are great as well. No luck with meeting Yanni however…

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