Embracing Multiculturalism

Please don’t turn away thinking this is going to be a post which bores you with sociological views on why  multiculturalism needs to be a goal for society.  It should of course be taught but it is not my time to talk of that.  The term multiculturalism generally refers to an applied ideology of racial, cultural and ethnic diversity within the demographics of a specified place, usually at the scale of an organization such as a school, business, neighborhood, city or nation.  Views of becoming a more multicultural society as a whole has been met with controversy.  I think we have a chance to make our world better by sampling off the world platter of men ( or women but I am focusing on men)  in order to promote diversity and understanding.  For world peace I give you this list of the sampling but would accept any additions to this list.

Here is the list in no specific order but I have listed a few positives for each different group.

1.  America the Beautiful: My if you have not sampled yourself one of America’s finest, now is your time.  American men offer a rugged individualism (both in and out of the bedroom) and a patriotic streak that would make Uncle Sam proud.

2.  Oh Canada: The neighbors to our north possess men who generally love the game of hockey which is high on the testosterone index. These men are the strong silent types and don’t they hunt beaver up there? (groan)

3. South of the Border: Mexico sits to the south of the U.S. where I live and these men can be hotter than the jalapeno peppers  growing in the field.  After you get past the machismo,  underneath it lies a loyal and caring man. These guys are good to their mamas and hey that means something…

4.  The British Are Coming: Our fellows across the pond have the often been regarded as reserved and stoic.  The British men however seem to have the sweet manners and sexy accent to make any girl swoon!

5.  French Kiss: What can you say about the men who invented the French kiss?  These men seem to learn the art of romance and can make any woman feel like they have been swept off  their feet.

6. Italian Stallion: What is there to say about these guys?  My goodness these men could charm the pants off of you (and might try).  Some vino, Italian words spoken in your ear, and you are hooked.

7.It’s All Greek to Me: This country has some of the sexiest men or so they think… Studies have shown that Greek men feel the sexiest. They have a way with women and are a very flirtatious lot.  Whatever they have, women around the world want it…

8. Brazilian Heat: Women from around the world have found out that these fellas are passionate about live, love, and ladies.  They may be forward in their ways but the payoff can be oh so nice.

9. Down Under: These mates are independent, rugged, and dead-sexy.  The accent alone sends most women reeling.  When it comes to the men of this country most women agree they would like to be “down under” one of these boys.

10.  Caribbean Breeze: Pick out anyone of those countries with beautiful beaches and sparkling blue water.  Growing up in these island paradises lead this group of me to be smooth and laid back lovers who appreciate the female form.

This is just a sampling of some of the men of the world.  There were African countries I wanted to represent but had a hard time narrowing it down to one country.  All I am saying is let’s embrace multiculturalism by embracing each other.   These are generalizations but at least they give you a place to begin.  Promote world peace and sample what our wonderful and diverse world has to offer. Now you can’t say I have not tackled world peace in my blog.   What’s next, corporal punishment? (wink)

Hugh Jackman


6 responses to “Embracing Multiculturalism

  1. It is good to know that you don’t discriminate when it comes to hot men.

  2. showingoffmyassets

    How could I? I just want world peace don’t you know? That is the kind of girl I am.

  3. Found your link on the UBP. Nice to meet you. Happy blog hopping! I have a giveaway going on. Check out my blog to enter.

  4. This post along with your pole position post…wow! Look forward to catching up with you on Twitter –


  5. Do you also think that these racial stereotypes also appear on something like Second Life ? With the multicultural nature of it, I’ve found that national characterstics are just as strong on there as on RL…

  6. hot men are hot, no matter the culture 🙂

    came by way of UBP. read some of your post..nice blog 🙂

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