Green Beer and Green M&M’s

Two mysteries of the world will be tackled  today.    I am delving headfirst  on this  St. Patrick’s Day to delve into the legends of why we drink green beer and the myth surrounding the green M&M’s. Hard hitting subjects I know. Life has enough tough stuff and my mantra is to laugh whenever you can…

Green Beer: The truth is that upon further investigation very little can be found on why or when the drinking of the green beer began.  One thing was

Green Beer

Green Beer

clear however;  Americans had something to do with it.   This quote sums it up:    ” Americans have embraced their own St. Patrick’s Day tradition of drinking large amounts of Irish beer or green beer, which has no real historical Irish references at all.”  There were references to the fact that green was the color of the flag of Ireland and that the Irish countryside is green.  The way I interpret this is  that early on here (in United States) the Irish were subjected to unfair and awful treatment.   Wearing of  the green here in America was a way to symbolically raise the middle finger to the establishment.   Please drink up the green beer and think of it as the Irish American contribution to this day.

Green M&M’s: “The green ones make you horny.”   My new favorite name for these beauties is “randy candy.”  Reportedly according to the rumors started in the 1970’s when school age boys picked the green ones out to give to the object of their affection.    Of course in the mind of adolescent boys that meant pick out all of the green M&M’s and give them to the desired female.  In picking those of green color out and segregating them  (my own opinion here) the aphrodisiac attributes became activated.    Mars INC.  the company who makes the candies decided that they should embrace the urban legend.   After 30 years of mostly ignoring the inexplicable urban legend to the effect that green M&Ms have aphrodisiacal  powers, the company has rolled out new magazine and TV ads unabashedly exploiting the candy’s sexy reputation.    Goes to say that green M&M’s have a special place in this girl’s candy dish!

My advice on this St. Patrick’s Day is to take above mentioned green beer and serve to object of one’s obsession affection in rather large amounts to make sure that the said object is able to feel like he and/or she is part Irish.  At that point in time take out the strategically placed candy dish filled with the “randy candy” and see what happens… I can’t say for sure this will work but you gotta have a plan!

By the way if you wonder what I will be wearing on this day let me say that I like to make sure that my green shows to the world on the outside.  As far as what’s underneath , you would have to look to find out… *smirk*


7 responses to “Green Beer and Green M&M’s

  1. Where do I look?!

  2. thebluestockingguide

    Uhm! this was an interesting post! I like the title of your blog. Here’s my post.


  3. Happy Second Party Day !!

  4. milanesemasala

    Ciao from Italy!! Great stuff! Who knew how intriguing the colour green could be. Looking forward to reading more of your blog.

  5. LOL. Love this post. Glad to find a blog on UBP that is a bit more like mine. 😉

  6. I always did love those green M&Ms. What fun!

  7. I learned something here. Thanks for posting.

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