Lover of Books

My new Kindle 2 arrived earlier this week and I just have to share with you my wonder at this little electronic beauty.  What is it? Something you start a fire with?  Not exactly.  The Kindle is a portable electronic reading device that allows the  reader to reach new heights in terms of reading.  The content of the books by the authors is unchanged on the Kindle.  The stories in their entirety remain just as the author intended.

What does the word kindle mean?


[-dling, -dled]
1. to set (a fire) alight or (of a fire) to start to burn
2. to arouse or be aroused: his passions were kindled as quickly as her own [Old Norse kynda]
The Kindle, which I have now used for several days, has ignited this book lover’s fire. Without further ado, I give you the Top Ten Reasons to Love the Kindle 2:
  1. The usability is astounding.  I picked up the Kindle and could almost immediately figure it out.  Very user friendly and clearly marked to lessen the learning curve.
  2. The pages look fantastic.  I love books and can attest to the fact that I love the look and feel of a book,  but this display looks so crisp and clear.  I can even make the font larger if I have tired eyes.
  3. The way that it feels in your hand.  It is so light and is easy to hold and the buttons for” next page” and” previous page” are where you might hold a real book so it feels natural.
  4. The Kindle has the ability to store  over 1,000 books on it and that equals less back strain for me.   I love to have all sorts of reading materials on me and of course don’t know what mood I might be in so I carry lots of books.
  5. The sleep mode has these really cool drawings of famous folks including authors, inventors, etc.  I am always  fascinated to see what picture comes up.
  6. A dictionary and wikipedia come installed on it and are integrated into the Kindle 2 , so I can look even smarter instead of having to ask, “Honey, do you know what this word means?”
  7. A basic web browser with the ability to look up webpages that don’t include lots of images.  I was able to look at this very blog as an example…
  8. It bookmarks automatically.   No buttons to push or try to remember did I save that?  It remembers on multiple books and opens to the right page the next time you open your book.
  9. Amazon. com has the Kindle Store which allows you to buy wirelessly any of  240,000 titles which are mostly under $10.00 for the best-sellers. is a website which you can download to your Kindle that allows you to find free (gasp) books that are now available as part of the public domain and authors that choose to put books out to the public free.  So many classics I have wanted to read…
  10. It is just so freakin’ cool! Enough said there.
Since I suffer from bibliophilia ( the love of books) I have to tell you this helps feed the addiction in a way that does not cause me anxiety about where we are going to put one more book.  For this self proclaimed bookworm (A bookworm loves books for their content, or otherwise loves reading in general.), I must give it two thumbs up.
Back to the regular blog writing about all things related to sex and relationships.  Did I mention that I got Lady Chatterley’s Lover?
I mean how much better can it get when you can get a classic like that for free?  I am officially a happy woman now.

Sex + book= Happy Girl

Sex + book= Happy Girl


6 responses to “Lover of Books

  1. My mom has one, my friends have them, I’m so missing out! Must get kindle….

  2. Ah- #11.
    When you buy a Kindle, you get a family. Esp. on the Amazon Kindle discussion boards. Everyone is ready and willing to help and offer advice.
    It’s one of the greatest benefits!

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  4. Mrs GUnfighter is a Kindle person… now I have major Kindle wny fro the both of you.

    Here is the only problem for Kindle (in either variant): Lack of science fiction titles.

  5. Absolutely loved this post. My birthday is next month and I have been campaigning for one for many months, wondering if Kindle 2 would be as dreamy as I guessed. Now I know that I must find a way to share this with my husband, who will be sure to try to make up for the Valentine’s incident. Don’t ask. I’m over it. Kinda.

  6. Glad you like it, was wondering if I should shell out all that $ for it. Would love to have it, but I usually get books from the library – have a hard time paying $10 for a book that I can’t then lend to my friends/family.

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