Wanna Get Your Heart On?

As the day of love (or lust) approaches I began to fantasize think about what that day might look like for yours truly.  Would it be a day of chocolate covered strawberries and a dinner at a swanky restaurant? Perhaps a day in  treated to a massage at a day spa?  As I thought about it I had an out of body experience that was much like a sitcom in which the person daydreaming sees the way it might be like as a dream sequence.

The day I would have planned would start with a morning awakened by my man whispering softly into my ear.  Speaking softly and quietly I would be aroused (so to speak) and would respond accordingly.  With my motor running I would be very happy to reciprocate and give my man a gift(much appreciated by him)  first thing that morning.  Basking in the afterglow of a wonderful morning session we would have coffee and then have a hot and steamy shower in which I would get hot all over again just thinking about the sex we just had.  I would have a day to myself to get ready for a night that Cupid would approve.   My hair would get cut and highlighted.  My toenails would get painted with a coat of fire engine red.  I would be ready for a night of passionate and wild sex.  The kind of night that I would be seeing those toenails above my ahead and around the neck of my man. Getting the visual here?

Dinner would be at a place that was quiet and secluded with seating towards the back of the restaurant.  We would enjoy the company of each other all of the while thinking of the after dinner dessert…  I would be wearing a dress something like this one shown to the left.  The shoes would be much like the ones shown here as well.  You have the picture of this outfit in your head and imagine the fun that would be had by this hot mama in an outfit like that.  Details are few on the dinner as my mind fast forwards to the end of the meal.   Taking the last bite of our meal I become more and more anxious to get to the hotel suite booked across the street.   While my man pays the bill, I freshen myself up in the restroom.

Hot shoes

Hot shoes

Hot Red Dress

Hot Red Dress

Leaving the restaurant I become more aroused and less able to keep my hands to myself.  Pawing at my man I whisper to him, “You are ready to get the gift that keeps giving all night.”

The walk not being very long at all puts us in a hotel suite that is luxurious.  The large bed with the clean linens and the crisp pillowcases call us… Before the door is shut the dress slips off and it falls to the floor.   What hides under the dress is  a woman dressed in a red matching bra and thong with all of her curves showing.  My breathing becomes faster and my man grabs my hand and leads me to the bed.  There is not tender and sweet words that are shared on this night.  This night is meant for passion, hot and sweaty sex that leaves us spent, yet wanting more.   A night which ends only when we both become unable to keep our eyes open.  Sleep comes easily to us and we drift off our bodies intertwined together.

Opening my eyes  I  wonder, was this just a dream or will it really happen? Only my Valentine knows.   Anticipating a day that is lacking in  cheesy stuffed animals and over-priced flowers and hoping for the passionate encounter that I have been dreaming about. I don’t need all of the material things that might go along with the day.( will not turn them down)   Here’s the dish, more lovin’ is this Valentine’s wish!

Just wondering what your perfect Valentine’s day looks like and if you are wanting to get your “heart on?”  Please let me know what a day like this would look like for you in my comment section.  There is always the chance to remain anonymous.   Happy Valentine’s Day to all.



2 responses to “Wanna Get Your Heart On?

  1. RAWR and then some.

    704 babe. Wow. 😉


    I need a cold drink.

  2. Hi and welcome to MBC!

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