Passionate about…

Over the weekend I attended  Blissdom 09, a  conference for women who blog, and learned so many things that will help make my work better.   My last post was about a week ago and I am letting y’all know that I am feeling passionate right now…

What does that mean?  It means that I have begun to find the inner voice that I have been searching for over the last several months.  I had questions when I began my writing  here in late October.  Would people be interested or entertained?  I have confidence, and knew I had the skills to provide something unique, but wondered if that would be validated by others.  With the comments that all of my lovely readers have left over the last several months, however, I feel empowered.  While I love my audience that reads faithfully, I also write just for the passion of writing.  A turning point occurred this weekend that unlocked some valuable insight, and I now know where I want to go.

This is to pursue the passion for writing about women’s issues and sexuality in a way that perhaps others don’t.    I truly believe that I have something to add to the lives of my readers, to make you think about things differently or laugh (at me) on a day when you might need a moment like that.  My passion for life is (I hope) obvious, but if you have not read any of my prior posts I encourage you go back and see if we are a fit.  Finding someone who you want to read is much like a dance.  I may step on your toes, and you may decide you are not comfortable with my content.  You may find that the longer you dance with me, and we become used to each other that it becomes more fluid.  You may find that my steps are too fast or too slow.  My hope is that you dance with me, find that you had a great time, and want to come back another day.  Better yet, I want you to like dancing with me so much that you tell others where the dance is and bring them along next time.

If you came here and decide that it is not what you expected, I get that too.  Respectfully I ask you to give me a chance to add a little spice to your day.  I have a passion, and I am a woman who is comfortable expressing that to a wide audience.  Hang on, however;  because I have a whole bunch of ideas bouncing around in this sometimes unbalanced brain.  Just as the song goes by Bachman Turner Overdrive  ” You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet.”


4 responses to “Passionate about…

  1. I am still so BUMMED that I didn’t actually get to connect with you at Blissdom. I had the best time (even though when I actually did get to talk to Chris I got all fluttery and stupid and like a 12 year old, distracted by the cute boy. Le sigh!).

  2. I’m finally subscribed! I’m filled with a new passion for my blog, too. A little overwhelmed with all the information, though. Also, I seem to have misplaced my notebook that I took all my notes in! ARGGHH! It was so nice meeting you. I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog!

  3. Glad you found your voice! You didn’t step on my toes!! I am interested to learn more!


  4. Cannot wait to hear/read more!
    I enjoyed our brief moments of conversation and I hope that I didn’t geek out over you too much 😉

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