IMHO (In My Honest Opinion)

As I was coming up with what I wanted to write about I began to think about some of the most overused popular abbreviations and/or acronyms on the ‘net and I decided to come up with my own list of abbreviations that would serve as an alternative to the ones used now.  There are abbreviations and/or acronyms that I find just don’t fit with my needs.  Due to the fact I am an extremely bright creative type I decided to create some acronyms of my own.  For reference, I did look up the most common abbreviations/acronyms at  It was not a complete list but it helped as a jumping off point…

Don't we all need this?

Don't we all need this?

Here a few of the most commonly used acronyms:
LOL= Laughing out loud
ROFL= Rolling on floor laughing or rolling on floor laughing my ass off (ROFLMAO)
BRB= Be right back
OMG=Oh my gosh (or God) or OMFG=Oh my fucking gosh ( or God)
IMHO= In my humble opinion
JK= Just kidding
TTFN=Ta ta for now (in my opinion, have always hated this one)
TY=Thank you

I could come up with many others but these are some very common ones used and I know propose some new abbreviations to convey perhaps a different sentiment. I know that you may not have the need to use these but I will gladly let anyone use these if they would like.

PIMP= Peed in my pants, as in that joke you sent made me PIMP!
NWMT= not worth my time, eg. that movie was so NWMT.
BOOMM= Bored out of my mind , eg. during that presentation I was BOOMM
CYBTS= Can you believe that shit?
SMF= Stuff my face, eg. BRB goin’ to SMF
NCIH= No chance in Hell, eg. you have NCIH with her
DILLIC= Do I look like I care?
TRS= That really sucks.
PT= Potty time
FFA= Fun for all, eg. that party will b FFA.
YAWOL= You are way out of line
NSB= Need sex bad , can add a T for tonight (NSBT)
BC= Booty call
WUT= What do you think?
SOS= Someone is over my shoulder, eg. SOS talk later.
BIV= Boss in vicinity, or whoever you want to put in front of it. HIV=husband in vicinity, KIV= kid in vincinity
NSS= Not so smart, eg. did something NSS yesterday
HIS= Hottie in sight
LOML= Love of my Life or lust of my loins
TUT= tweet you tomorrow ( for those of us who use twitter)
BAD= Being a dick
BAB= Being a bitch
AW4U= All wrong for you, eg. that guy is AW4U
NOTM= Never occurred to me, eg. that idea NOTM
BBE= Best blog ever, eg. showing off my assets is BBE!
ROAN= Rockin’ out all night
FWB= friend with benefits, eg. Sam is  FWB.NH= Not happening, eg. going out tonight is NH
H4U= Hot for you
SUS= Seriously you suck ,eg. SUS for ditching me for that dude.
TML=Text me later

There you go.  A few new abbreviations that you can add to your chat,IM, text or whatever to help make your life more colorful.  I encourage you to start using them.  When someone asks “Where did you hear that?” just tell them that you got it from the BBE! (best blog ever) in case you forgot.  As always your comments are encouraged and appreciated.  I would love to add to my list if you want to shoot me some new abbreviations I will be happy to add them on to this list.  Enjoy—–

OHB ( translation) One happy (or horny,hot,etc.) blogger


2 responses to “IMHO (In My Honest Opinion)

  1. This made me rofl and pimp!

  2. We hope it will more hopefull

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