The Naked Truth Revealed

I like the way I am in the buff… You heard me right I like the way I look sans the clothing.(along with clothing on too by the way)  I was moved to write this post by a story written in The O Magazine by Laurie Redmond. (titled The Nude Attitude).  I know that a lot gets made of what a woman in today’s society should look like and which body parts should be bigger (breasts) and smaller ( abs).  I have to tell you that I want to put it out there as a female that if you love your body others will love it too… Take a minute to think about that and let me put a few reasons why I feel this way.

I am a hot-blooded American woman who feels that I do need some work here and there but I generally feel like I have a great personality and charm that makes me happy with who I am.  I know that does not have to translate to me feeling sexy, hot, or confident in the bedroom in my birthday suit. A perfect quote I found in this article was found that said:

Her confidence isn’t rooted in her clothing size or facial features but in her attitude—fun, delightful, free.

I am not a perfect size 4 or am the ideal weight but I do have to say that I like who I am.  I was give breasts that I think are ample and men seem to like.  I like the fact that as a woman I possess these womanly gifts and will gladly put “the girls” out there proudly.  I love the fact that my hips are that of a female and that I have the curves in all of the right places… I don’t say that my body is taking the best bod contest but I  do have to say that as a woman I like the way my hips and thighs cannot be confused with a man’s.

As I have become older and somewhat more wise, I tell you that my sexiness has increased.  I don’t need my husband, partner, or anyone else to tell me.  I feel on my own that I am a woman who deserves notice and I give that gift to myself.  In doing so I am able to project that onto others and they view me as being comfortable in my own self.  I know when I lay in bed naked  that I am wonderful just the way I am.  That does not mean that I don’t strive for being healthier, it means only that I know that I have it “going on” and I am proud of my body right now.  The way I think does effect the way I carry myself, the things I say, and the people I attract to my life. I can choose to feel good in who I am or I can waste energy on being something that someone else has deemed worthy.  No thanks on that.

Because when you’re miserable with your own body, you’ve doomed yourself to “compare and despair.”

Women, spend your time being who you want to be,  and not what you think you ought to be for everyone else.  Let me tell you that when I decide to “show off these assets” I let myself feel good.  In doing so I have been successful in drawing people to me who not only appreciate this body and all it has to offer, (whole other post there) but I have led a life that has been filled with experiences that have not been held back because of the hang-ups associated with the body image.

Just writing this post has led me to want to take a bath and go to bed barenaked tonight.  I have nothing to hide and a lot to gain… (smirking)!  Women and men too are you with me?  Take a minute please to comment on what I said and let me know if I am “right on” or way off base…

Nude Bathsheba

Nude Bathsheba


9 responses to “The Naked Truth Revealed

  1. I think you are right on! I wish I had as much confidence in my bod as you do in yours. However, I have yet to learn how to ignore the media and be happy in my own skin. It’s a long learning process. (At least for me!)

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  3. Well said! We’ve added a link to this page on our site, hope you don’t mind.


  4. What a cool post. That confidence is the sexiest thing of them all…

  5. showingoffmyassets

    Thanks for the compliment. You gotta have the confidence to be who you are. I try!

  6. showingoffmyassets

    Thanks for the pingback. Appreciate it much!

  7. I love showing off my ass..ets too. I think being naked is the way to go. I’d love to hear from you. Dick

  8. So right on it isn’t even funny.

    Vive le femme physique!

  9. Word booty! (pun intended)
    I’m fortunate to also be happy with my curves. & have the confidence within, redoubled by my man’s love of my body, but not relying on his approval. 😀

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