C’mon Let’s Celebrate America!

Have you ever wondered why we don’t have Inauguration Day off in the United States?   I know that we often taut the USA as the beacon of democracy and we want to be held to a high standard when it comes to our freedom and rights.  I wonder why then we do not as a country take one day every 4 years to celebrate the way in which we peacefully transition from one president to another?  I can tell you that I believe that a majority of people would like to at least watch some part of the day’s activities and our youth need to know that it is a day for celebration of our country.  I know there are many reasons why many people feel that we should not have this day off, but I propose that we should relish our freedom and celebrate this day. Let’s take a bold step in asking that we as US citizens take a chance to participate in this day from now on.  Come on America let’s take this day to celebrate our freedoms and remember why we are so glad to be Americans.  Do we really think that on President’s Day our students and youth take time to remember Lincoln and Washington?  seal-presidential-color

Let’s just take a step and make this day a special one that all our citizens and visitors can enjoy.  Can we really consider ourselves the best and brightest if we are not able to take a day to reflect on a uniquely American experience? C’mon let’s celebrate America!



2 responses to “C’mon Let’s Celebrate America!

  1. My husband and kids had off today and I loved watching the Inauguration with them and discussing it’s meaning with my children. I’m with ya!

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