Dream a Little Dream…

When I went to bed last night and thought of what I might write about today on my post I thought to myself, ” I have some really crazy-ass dreams on an almost nightly basis, I ought to share a few of those with my readers.”  Actually before that I was hoping that I might get some action from the hubs, but I digress… As I crept off to dreamland I pictured all of the lovely places I might go during the time between falling asleep and waking up.  Of course last night I dreamt that hubs and I were getting divorced because we had to for a financial reason ( very soap opera like)  and we had planned to remarry once we received this large settlement.  In the dream I went about doing normal activities and hubs shows up and wants to talk to me.  He shows me a woman’s picture and says he is getting remarried.  I tell him ” I thought this was just to get that money? ”   He says to me “Well it was but now I am going to marry her. ” All I remember about this chick is that she had charcoal tights on with black boots and was rather nondescript.  When I ask hubs about what she has that I don’t ( because obviously I am a colorful girl!) he says: :  ” Well babe she can get me weed.”   Very comical to me,but proof again that lots goes on in my head when I am asleep.  I have always had the most interesting dreams that I could remember pretty clearly the next morning.  I probably could turn some of my dreams into a movie script as well.  For the record, I am very suggestible before sleep so lots of times things creep into my brain, albeit in a very odd way by virtue of a book I read, a television show, a song, or a movie I have watched earlier in the day.

Many of us dream and for most of us it is interesting to remember dreams we have but for me it is entertaining.  I often wake up remembering the dreams and as the day goes by little things remind me of something and the dream comes back even in better clarity.   I do have to say that a GREAT number of my dreams do have the theme of sex,  I mean it is a natural given my thoughts, right?   Here is an excerpt from  Dreamsnightmares.com :

The Iroquois believed in acting out dream content in real life. They believed that it was necessary to reenact it in order to alleviate physical and psychic distress. They believed it was very important to gratify the soul’s desire either literally or symbolically. It was therefore not unheard of for a male, after dreaming of a group orgy to request that his dream be acted out with the help of the tribe.

I won’t go as far as that but I will tell you there are a number of these top dreams I would love to live out. (parts of them) Here are 3 dreams which have stuck with me my whole life and I still recall details clearly.  There is no certain order going on here but they are all honest to goodness dreams I have had in my life.

  • Almost Famous  has a scene which you kind of see in this clip in which Kate Hudson is at a big party that is going on a hotel.  You have to look for it because it is brief but you kind of get the flavor of my dream if you watch it.  I won’t go over all of the details of the dream but I was at the hotel party hanging out with a lot of cool people doing this and that and I come across my favorite band at the party,  Barenaked Ladies and we are having ourselves a good ole time. It has the very 70’s vibe to it with the smoky room and the incense along with the look of scarfs draped over the lamps.  I am very visual so I include those facts to give you the picture.  Well after singing and dancing wildly around at the party, it becomes clear that at least one, two, or possibly three of the band are going to be “bare naked in my bed.” (wink,wink)  Not all at the same time either, do you think I am a freak like that?  Anyhow I get to experience the bare-nakedness of  three of the band members in a way that still makes me smile… For your information I left Tyler and Jim out of the fun. I love the fact that this dream was one that seemed to last all night and I woke up a very happy fan!
  • Here is the most memorable dream to date: I had this dream at 15 yrs. and it is for me a pre-cognitive dream.  I had never been to Michigan and it was a vivid dream in which I went to Michigan with a friend and went on an adventure which led us to Ann Arbor and the University of Michigan.  It was during that dream in which I met a man who I can’t say what he looked like but  wore a pink shirt.  I remember him being very nice and I woke with the feeling that I might somehow meet this familiar man in my life.  I know it sounds perhaps nutty to think this meant anything, but later I met my husband at age 25.  He was from Michigan and lived in Ann Arbor and had gone to University of Michigan.  I was a girl in graduate school at this time in Indiana and feel that the dream I had at 15 was a glimpse of what was to be.
  • The last dream was a dream which caused me much sadness as it was a dream in which my husband and I were convicted of a murder we did not commit and sent to death row.  The whole dream went through the saga of the trial and then showed us on the prison bus headed for where the execution would take place.  The details were striking as I remember the needle being put in my vein and the medicine that stopped my heart.  I think the  worst part of this dream was when I died and my soul hovered above watching my parents full of grief.  They were upset and were picking out things for me to wear for my funeral.  I remember watching my husband be executed as well and trying to stop it as someone who was already dead.  Hard to get those pictures even now out of my head.

I have given you a brief glimpse into what goes on in my head at night and I find myself wondering what tonight’s dream might be about?  Guess I will have to wait and see.   Leave a comment on anything or any kind of dreams you may have had.  I can tell you that the sex dreams are my most favorite and thankfully seem to be the most regular.  Wow I guess I should really be getting to bed about now… Sweet Dreams to  all!


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