Sugar & Spice and Everything Nice

“Sugar and spice and everything nice that’s what girls are made of.”  I am assuming that most all of you know that cute little saying from nursery rhymes about what girls are supposed to be made of, right?  Well I am happy to report to  all of you just doing the sweetness aspect of being a female, go ahead  and take a rest, and live on the spicy side a bit.  For the strictly saucy and spicy women, I also purpose taking a break too and trying on the sweet side for a bit.  While I know that this is simplified version of how woman are or/are not it does bear more consideration in my own opinion. ( and that is what you get if you are reading this) cat_candy-001

We women are complex creatures and I do not have the time to put in to why men love us.  As always I do try to make a point with my posts about things I find interesting and also provide my insight into my own world.  These are some suggestions on how you can play both sides of the sweet/spicy card and make it work for you.  These are strictly only suggestions and can be altered for your own (umm) purposes.

Sweet with Spicy Ideas:

Cleaning the house seems like a sweet idea, right?  Well my suggestion is to be wearing the french maid outfit and either make him help you and get it done really quickly or forget the cleaning all together.  Either way a sweet surprise for him.

  • Writing a love note to your significant other that helps him see the ways in which you love him.  My take is that you make a list of all the things you love about your man and then add some actions that you like to go along with it.  An example could be :  I love the way you smile at me.  I especially like when you use those lips on other parts of my body… You get the point.  For help click on the  link to take you to  website to help you write the love note.
  • Take your special someone to a special meal and get yourself all ready for it with a skirt or dress.  Let him compliment you on how nice it was for you to plan this and how great you look.  That is your cue to slip a note to him from your purse that tells him that you are not wearing underwear or that you have his favorite thong on.
  • Text message him and tell him that you think he is the best man and how much he is loved.  Follow it up with one that says something like “Hey wanna get in my pants?”


These are just a few of my ideas that might make things sweeter or more spicier with your man.  I tend to think a balance is nice and that keeping things new and fresh is the best way to brighten both your day and your lover’s.  As for me I am a naughty girl underneath but I play my sweet card when needed.  What are you?  I think that it is great to be your own person but I think as an individual we owe it to ourselves and others to get outside that comfort zone.  If you want to stay on the sidelines of life then you are going to watch the parade go by always wishing you were in it… On the other hand, you don’t want your life to be a circus and you be the leading act either.  I suggest giving at least one of these a try and see what happens.  You might find out that you like living a little on the spicy side or showing your man that sweetness he does not get to see much.  Remember one’s spiciness makes the sweetness sweeter and vice versa.  Get out there and live!


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