Can We Say Duh?

There are some great sex studies out there that actually help regular folks like you and I improve our sex lives. (okay we are not regular, but you get the point)  There are also studies about sex that just make you say :  Can we say obvious?  Here is a little recap of some of those ridiculously obvious studies with my own views.   You can thank me later for pointing out these studies to you… For my readers who have not come into their own sexuality please take some helpful hints from the studies.   I promise not to tell anyone.

  • Attractive people get more sex.  I know this is hard to believe but it is true.  I want the study that takes drunk guys or girls however and sees how many times the beer goggles are in play. Beer goggles are :
    phenomenon in which one’s consumption of alcohol makes physically unattractive persons appear beautiful; summed up by the phrase, “there are no ugly women at closing time”

    Really, you know there is some researcher out there who wants to do this research.

  • Porn as a sex educator.  There is an Austrian study that found that over half of the male youth rely on porn as a tool for sex information.  The sad part is how many times is I think many of us know that the quality of the pornography is questionable.  Can you say pornography and quality in the same sentence?  I again put out there that we as parents and as a society need to be more open with sexuality and stop getting our proverbial “panties in a bunch.”
  • It’s all in your head.  Yes the largest sex organ would be your big … BRAIN!  This study showed that men who were concerned about erections had a negative correlation with arousal.  I wonder why? Let’s see it makes sense that if someone has anxiety about something that it will affect one’s life in negative ways.  The same study also showed :  For women, lack of erotic thoughts and failure to control intrusive thoughts were found to impact their sexual response.  That seems just hard to believe that the intrusive thoughts about the grocery list during foreplay might contribute to a less than satisfying sexual experience.


I just picked a few off the list of those studies of 2008 but my goal was to just put out there that while this information may be widely known by most, our whole society does a poor job on educating people on a typical and normal part of life.  My question is where do I get signed up for being a participant in these studies?  I want to do my part to help you know…

Comments are not expected but appreciated always.  The cobwebs that formed in my brain over the holidays seem to be clearing and I promise for 2009 to give my readers a few laughs ,  a smile,  and perhaps even a thought provoking point.


One response to “Can We Say Duh?

  1. Attractive people get more sex? Really? Wow. Did someone really do a study on that? Or did they just go to a college campus and hang out awhile?

    😉 Welcome back from your vacay – though next time You’re in Chicago you should let me know – it’s only a few hour drive.

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