Christmas Party Gone Wild

This the time of year for Christmas office parties,family get togethers, and friendly lunches to celebrate the season.   I was thinking  of some things that people might do that would be classified as  a “faux pas“.  I have heard of stories of  too much to drink and lots of activities which have resulted in embarrassment and I have decided to give you a chance to make better choices when at these parties.  I have come not to tell you what to do but to tell you what you should think about in planning for some of the common issues that arise at the parties.

The first of the Christmas party blunders is getting sloppy drunk and taking an willing partner to the coat closet or other place of convenience.    I am fine with people taking the time to get their groove on at the party but remember to make sure that the person is not your bosses’ wife  and/or husband you are banging on the floor of the bathroom .   This also brings about another tip I have for you which is to find someplace that is more discreet than the coat closet at the restaurant which people are streaming in and  out of frequently.  An office or a hotel room if the party is at a hotel is a much better option.  If you do however get in the situations which I mentioned before make sure no one gets photographic evidence of such encounters.  As far as the attire for the party please steer clear of  shall we say “hot mess.”  If you wonder if you should wear the outfit then the answer is probably no.   Make your outfit dressier than  something that you would  wear to work on a regular day but don’t make it look like you are working later in the evening as a hooker either.

You may have always wanted to engage in a threesome and hey I am not here to judge, but the night of your office Christmas party is not the best time to find out who in your workplace also has that fantasy.  Save that for another time in which your boss is not at the gathering.  Another thing that I want to mention is that the Christmas party is not the time to bash the boss either.  Use you brain and remember that there are many guests at the party and they may be a friend of your boss.

These are just some small things you can do to make your Christmas party fun but save you from losing your job the Monday after the Christmas party.  All I can tell you is have fun and just remember that as long as you do things the right way and use common sense, your Christmas party can be a blast. As far as me, throw out all of those things and let’s party!

Let me know of any great Christmas party stories you may know…


2 responses to “Christmas Party Gone Wild

  1. I will not share my stories, but suffice it to say that our office Christmas party/afterparty was Friday and I definitely had too much to drink, LOL. Fortunately, so did everyone else, so no one’s talking about it in the office 😉

  2. LOL, great post! My hubby’s office always has the best parties…co-workers making out in bathroom stalls, the works. Gotta love advertising!

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