Naughty or Nice? You Decide

Santa Baby – Cynthia Basinet

Dear Santa Baby,

Please take a minute to read this letter from your lil’ giver of cheer … me.  I want to tell you that you are going to have to follow along closely because I need to confess a couple things and also let you know some of my wishes too.  I just hope you will find it in your heart to put this naughty girl on your nice list.

First of all I will admit what makes me naughty:  I really enjoy sex (which is not bad) and sometimes I can sit and think of it and not get my housework done.  I also write a blog which even says it out loud to the general public.  I get a certain thrill out of being the girl-next-door turned naughty girl, probably a bigger thrill than I should!!  I also have been naughty also by often not answering the phone when my mother calls.   As a mom, Santa, I could do better too.  Sometimes I have sent the kids to school on a day that they probably needed a shower that morning.  As for the man in my life,  I might have been guilty of asking him to do things I could do one too many times, to get  Diet Dr. Peppers for me and also for spending hours on-line talking suggestively to other men. (psst… if you are one of those guys I won’t tell)  I know it is wrong to pretend to be nice when underneath feeling naughty like I do and for that I hope you will be understanding.

As for the nice things I did this year, Santa, here are just a few of the things I might have done right…  I have been attentive to my kids in a way that makes them feel loved.  They know that their parents try their hardest to make them into responsible and kind adults.  Not to say I have not screwed up but I have instilled in them love for others.  I also have been a good wife to the hubs by letting him have sex anytime he wants it.  (isn’t that nice of me?)  I have for the most part been supportive of his endeavors and I think he feels loved too.  My dogs, Indy and Scout,  were adopted too this year at the animal shelter which I believe should earn me points for niceness.2008-june-035

I will let you decide what you think but I am thinking that I can be a nice girl who sometimes can be naughty.  As with any Santa letter, I need to list a few things I am wishing for:

For all of us I wish health, well-being, and joy.  For Santa, even if I  get all those things on my list, I know that without the things above there is not a lot to appreciate.  Another thing Santa if you need a special incentive for coming down the chimney, just give me a twitter!!!

All my Love,



6 responses to “Naughty or Nice? You Decide

  1. I really hope you get the Kindle! They are fabulous!

    Now I’m thinking I should write Santa my own letter and leave a few little “hints” for him.


  2. You’re “special incentive” may end up getting you diamonds!!!

  3. I hope you get your gifts from Santa this christmas..hmm.. I should be writing my list too 🙂

  4. I just love love this post!!! I was giggling the whole time!! Great post and I hope you get your lists!!

  5. I hope you get your wishes! My 4-year-old just asked me why Santa doesn’t bring me anything, and I was like, “I have no fricking idea.”

  6. Happy Holidays! Thanks so much for enjoyin’ “Santa Baby”.

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