When Did You Get Old?

I went out with some friends tonight for a little Chick’s Christmas (yeah that is what we called it) at Buca di Beppo which was a lot of fun but it led me to consider some questions of myself and others.  What brings this train of thought about was that we had a fun evening with the girls and we did the whole  “dirty Santa exchange” and the meal.  Jokes were told and gossip was shared.  Fun stuff right?

Strong independent women at the table begin talking about what time they needed to get home and if they should have coffee instead of just getting going.  Suddenly I felt myself getting a little upset inside.  I know that all of us lead busy lives and I can respect that…  The only question is what happened to being able to spend a  night with friends without having to check in? None of us have infants and all of us have husbands that are able to manage the kids and home without them. As for me, I am not in the kind of relationship that I have to or feel compelled to check in with my husband.

As I drove home I began to realize that every time I have been with friends over the last several years I outlast everyone.  I mean I am not staying out until 3 or 4 am but I know I could .  The problem is that the pool of people who are my age or who I am friends with just have become well… old.  Sometimes I feel like a freak in my circle of friends.  I am the one who is still ready to go to the next place when people are ready to go home at 11 pm, the one who wants one more drink, and basically the one who talks about sex openly.

Age and maturity are not the same thing and the way you view life can be like that of a teen or young 20’s person or you can have the viewpoint of a 60 year old. Isn’t it really all in how you view life?  I know that I am not a teen and I sure don’t want to be in the 20’s again.  I just want to feel like I am still vibrant and youthful as long as I can.   So the question is how old do you feel and when did you get so old? (or maybe like me you did not get old yet). We have to remember that you can maintain maturity and have youthfulness if you choose that path.  You can also choose a path at a younger age of being more set in your ways much like that of a “typical” older person. (  not everyone)  What age do you feel like today?


7 responses to “When Did You Get Old?

  1. Oh I totally feel the same way. I feel like the irresponsible one as I want to stay out later, have one more drink and not let the night end. Perhaps its because I don’t have the opportunity to get out as often as I would like. I certainly don’t feel old yet. Of course my mom who is 75 also says she doesn’t feel old in her heart but her body disagrees.

  2. The age I feel is directly related to the amount of coffee I drink. 🙂

    But this is an interesting post; I’ve never been able to be carefree when out with girlfriends like you describe. I felt “old,” i.e. overly responsible, when I was 23.

  3. Yep, I totally agree with Mudslide Mama. I’ve always been the “old,” overly responsible one.

    Now that I’m pregnant, I REALLY feel old! My former night owl self is gone, and I have all these strange aches and pains!

    You give me hope, since you are still ready to party after three little ones. 🙂

  4. Since I have spent a lifetime in business of making women look and feel young, I have to agree with you that age is a mindset. Even when the years go by, it’s a choice to act or even look “old”, don’t you think? In looking at photos of my grandmother who was probably the age that I am now, I can definitely see a whole generation that refuse to give in to old age!

  5. I feel old, but I attempt to act younger. I’m not sure where I’m at.

  6. As someone who’s lived almost everywhere, I have to admit that girl’s night out around Nashville tends to end kind of early. It could be that I hang with the wrong crowd, but when I have a night away from the kids I want to stay out late.

  7. What is “old?” I believe there are good and bad versions of “old.” It’s okay to be an “old” soul – someone with wisdom and experience that belies their true physical age. An ability to perceive things others miss and enjoy things others forego because we have the wisdom to understand how fleeting things can be. “Bad” old is being constrained and restraining oneself from thoughts, words, and actions we PERCEIVE to be out of character or expectation for someone our age. I wear a Burger King crown occasionally. I’m 38. I enjoy acting in a manner others would consider “immature” or “stupid” (been called both of those). The way I see it – I’m young. I’m enjoying myself. I feel bad for others who don’t understand that and choose not to make those choices because they percieve “old” as what they’re supposed to be.

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