Curves ahead…

Do you think society values women with real curves?  I know that most men will say they do but what do you think?  I am here to tell you that as a red-hot blooded female here in the USA I am not destined to be a size 2.  I have the kind of genetics that prevent me from being that women and even at my thinnest I have always had curves.  I happen to be damn proud of the fact that I am a woman and don’t mind showing those curves off.

Marilyn Monroe, one of the most famous of curvy chicks represents the way that women used to look.  Men for the last 40 yrs. have seemed to appreciate the fact that Marilyn was a real woman.  Women also have appreciated the fact that she looks like what women want to look like.  Translate that to today, marketers have found “It’s about finding new ways to connect with women. Some now seem more motivated by women like themselves than by unattainable images, and advertisers are recasting some ads.”Marilyn Monroe

We all have a certain type of person that we are physically attracted to but for the most part most of us remain pretty flexible in our list of what we are looking for in a partner.  I just think that genetically few of us are made to look like the models in the magazine naturally (notice I said naturally) and that does not mean that it does not look good.  It just means that we need variety as in “Variety is the spice of life.”  For the women reading who are blessed to look like the models or have that body type, great, work it girls.

As for me I know that I have the curves that show men that I am a real women with real curves and I am proud of that fact.  Does that mean that I could  do more to be healthier or lose a few pounds? Hell yeah.  As for me though I know I have the confidence in myself and the ability to see that I am a real women who knows who she is and loves “showing her ass-ets.”

Feel free to comment on what you think about what I said, I would love to hear it.  Let’s just all be real and be happy with ourselves the way we are because face it that is what the other person is attracted to in the first place…

Just remember too that you never know what other skills the girl with curves might possess that could be an asset to you.  *WINK* You knew I had to throw at least one comment like that in there, right?


9 responses to “Curves ahead…

  1. Curves…not I. I’m a stick figure with a balloon head. LMAO Okay, not that bad. Honestly, I’d be perfectly happy if the cup size went up a few notches…then I’d have something to shake.

  2. Great post! I see all kinds of women in my studio and they are each beautiful in their own way. The magazines, movies and TV do portray one image and one image only that is unrealistic.

    Women are beautiful, God built them that way and I enjoy his best creation!!! 🙂

  3. Curves are nice but check out what snopes has to say about Marilyn Monroe’s dress size

    She’s not a big girl by any stretch.

  4. showingoffmyassets

    I did look at that and while she was not big at all she at least was healthy and her weight was more realistic of women then and now…

  5. I have curves and never really liked them, but I did appreciate my body once it gave birth. A pretty cool thing. Having 2 daughters, I try really hard to make sure they have a positive body image no matter what, and that people come in all shapes and sizes. It is a very hard thing to teach girls in this day and age.

  6. I should be happy with my curves…my hubby definitely is, but I have my own personal goals to achieve. I too want to be like 10 lbs lighter and then I can say, yes I’m happy with my body.

    Beyond Marilyn Monroe, a lot of women from that era had curves and were quite popular wall hangings! It wasn’t really until Twiggy came on the scene did media embrace the skinny girl. But I love women like Sara Ramirez (from Grey’s) and Kate Winslet who have real bodies and are gorgeous to boot!

  7. It’s about time we get back to what’s real.

  8. I love curves! 😉

  9. Every time I see shots of Marilyn like the one in this post, I think, wow… she was hot, but would never make it today. I have a curvy body that I love, but some days, I get that overwhelming feeling that I wish I was Heidi Klum instead. I have issues, what can I say…

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