Notch(es) in my Bedpost

Notch in my bedpost is a expression which means to keep count of sexual partners. It refers to the old times when I suppose some cowboy would put a notch into his bed to keep track of his conquests…

You may have heard of this idea but it is new to me.   There is a site called which is used to see “How many times do you get busy?”  It did get me thinking, is there a market for that kind of data and how can someone like me use this?  I “got busy” thinking of reasons (no ,not that way, at least not today yet!) how I could use it and I came up with a couple of conclusions:

  • You can harass your spouse, partner, or significant other either about the lack of sex or the fact that you have to give it out too much (not a problem here)
  • For those of you who are single you can use it for bragging rights with the guys or the girls, whatever the case may be
  • A conversation starter for sure  ” Hey I am getting banged 4.5 times a week on average and you?”
  • You always need goals so this can be something you can “shoot for”…(*groan*)
  • You can use it as a way to track exercise if you are wanting to use the aerobic activity, which you need to have a lot of it to get the physical benefits in terms of exercise.
  • you can really put the freak factor in your daily life by bringing it up with those people who have their panties in a bunch already.

I have given you several ways you can use this “handy” tool which brings us to another point… Wonder how the whole self-satisfaction count could be placed in these statistics?  I am pretty sure these would not be used in the same way but might be a incentive for you to get a partner!  (That was not meant to be cruel)

The fact is that for every reason I can come up with there are many more that you creative types can think of to add to the list.  I look forward to hearing about your views.  I am not complaining but I love when my blog goes interactive… Please (begging on my knees) for feedback.  I know I wanted to go there with the whole begging on my knees statement but jump to your own conclusions!  For you new to my type of humor and candor, I do take everything to the lowest common denominator and straight to the gutter!

Note: is another site that also has a lot of similarities to the above mentioned site but it is designed for more of a single lifestyle and promotes safe sex.


5 responses to “Notch(es) in my Bedpost

  1. Hhhhhmmm…personally, I like the freak factor. Slip it into those conversations that you would do anything to get it out of, like at a PTA meeting or something mundane like that.

  2. Taoist medicine is very pushy about how often men of various ages should have sex, so perhaps serious practitioners keep such a diary.

  3. What about swingers? Would they have to keep tallies for each partner? Or would it be a collective tally?

    Does sex really count on it’s own if you don’t get off on it? That would make self-satisfaction much more satisfactory from a tally basis. I mean simply getting it just isn’t enough. At least…to me.

    But alas, bedroom matters aren’t really a topic at the moment. So, I’ll just shut-up now!

  4. So what happens when your notches cut off the bed post..what then?

  5. I had no considered loss of bedpost…good point!

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