Thanks for Giving Me…

In true Thanksgiving spirit,  I am going to present things I am thankful for this year and what I am glad to have in my life.  Now I know that I am the queen of the lists and to keep in true form I thought I would do a list that went along with my blog, so for each letter in the blog title I will pick an item I am thankful for today.  Without further ado I give you the Showing Off My Assets 2008 thankfulness list:

S:  Sharing love with those near and far, some maybe might be easier  to love from afar

H: Having a great sense of humor and letting everyone get to experience it on my blog

O: Owning my home, in good standing

W: Writing my Showing My Assets blog

I: Interested in making the world a better place , one chuckle at a time

N: Nice friends in my life at home, on-line, and imaginary (just kidding on the last one)

G: Great husband *most of the time * and great parents who raised me

O: Outstanding sex drive

F: Freedom , serious on this one. Thanks military for keeping it that way!

F: Fine hound dogs, Indy and Scout

M: Mom to three of the cutest munchkins you will ever find

Y: Youth: I may not be as young as I once was but I am as good as I once was…

A: Ass-ets… Gotta be grateful for what the good Lord gave me.

S: Sister and he upcoming wedding this year.

S: Sweet treats. What can I say I am always thankful for the sweet treats.

E: Eager to learn and curious still about life.

T: Twitter pals.

S: Something else. This actually will be anything else that I can think of that  I am sure I will think of after writing this post.

So this is my incomplete list, but you get the point. Please have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving for you all in the states and a happy Thursday if not in the U.S.  Remember to show off your ass-ets to whoever is there on Thanksgiving.  There really is always something to be thankful for everyday, look for it this Thanksgiving!


One response to “Thanks for Giving Me…

  1. So cute!! I like how you did this, what a fun idea.

    Have a brilliant Thanksgiving and thanks for sharing!!

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