Random Bits about My Ass-ets

This post is going to be much like my life is lately… all over the place. Please bear with me as it is Thanksgiving week and I have the kids home with me all week.  Can someone please explain how having them home with me this week is supposed to get me prepared for the holiday?  Yeah I think the teachers must like this week more than the parents. Just a thought there. Anyway back to the randomness that I am all about today I present to you a list of some things you may or may not know about me.  I am going to give you this list in the David Letterman format of a Top Ten List:

  1. I am an alumna of Ball State University in Muncie IN just like our favorite alumnus David Letterman. Yes we did have shirts that say “I ‘d rather Ball U than I.U.!”.  Another tidbit our university sits on U.S. 69, yeah that has always been pretty popular in terms of people stealing it for their personal collection.
  2. I must match jewelry and socks with any outfit even if just heading to the store for a minute.  I usually have the earrings, necklace, bracelet(s), and watch in my ensemble.  Friends have always commented on this as something that is unique to me and I plan to have it on my tombstone.
  3. I am freaky when it comes to blood.  I do not faint based on blood but something with the taking of blood really freaks me out.  It is irrational and only happens very occasionally without warning.  Latest example was the movie Twilight. I was watching the movie happily and became very woozy at the point where Edward sucks Bella’s blood.  Very odd to me and unexpected.
  4. I have twins who are six years and a five year old.  The twins are boy/girl twins and they were only 4 months old when I found out I was pregnant.  It is a long story and boils down to this we had to have in-vitro fertilization to have the kids, spent $20,000 to have our babies and then became pregnant very quickly. I had twins in 3/2002 and little brother in 3/2003.  I call it the “buy 2 get one free deal!”
  5. I am a Gemini.  You know you wanted to know my sign baby!
  6. I was 18 yrs. when I lost my virginity on my first night of college with my boyfriend who was already in college… Life has never been the same.  I need lots of sex and enjoy it greatly. I love flirting with men and have a lot of fun with provacative statements. My husband knows it and loves me anyway…I also like talking frankly and openly about sex which many people shy away from.
  7. I seem to need a soundtrack for my life.  Wherever I go I like to have the tunes pumping when I am doing most anything.  Some people like to have music in the background and I am one of those people I guess.
  8. My first car was a 1975 Pontiac Catalina which my grandfather bought me in 1987 or so with only 30,000 miles on it.  It was in great condition and was a dark navy blue.  I nicknamed it “Big Blue.”  She served me well and I never appreciated her until much later in life.  Memories of being high school with about 7 girls seated comfortably in my car. I had a tape player put in so I could really rock out while driving in it. People would sometimes make boat noises as I went by…It did have a really big backseat however!
  9. I played golf in high school but otherwise am not physically coordinated much.  I wish I played more now but with the above mentioned crazy-ass life I lead there is just not much time these days.
  10. I cannot whistle.  I have tried my whole life to whistle but I think I am one of those people who is not destined to whistle.  I do have to say I may not know how to whistle but I sure can blow…  WINK!  I will let you read whatever you want with that statement.

There you go with my random bits about my life.  Can I say how thankful I am to have all of the readers I have with my new blog?  I would love to know a random fact about your life. You choose.


5 responses to “Random Bits about My Ass-ets

  1. Can I play with your ass-ets? Nice post hun. I should do one too. Someday!

  2. Well, I don’t think I’m as sexed up as you are, but I do my fair share of sexual innuendo. In fact, I respect a person more if they wit to use a play-on-words then if they let it pass – even if I’m the butt of the joke!

  3. Hey there! That was an awesome list. I may just steal your format as I am feeling rather random at the moment.

    I had the same experience when watching “Interview with a Vampire.” I was happily watching the movie when suddenly, someone starts “taking blood” from may have been a rat. Suddenly, my body temp. shot through the roof, I started sweating, my breathing got shallow. We had to leave. And that was like 5 or 10 mins. into the movie. O well. I did get my money back and I hear I didn’t miss much anyway.

    I hope you get some work done this week. I know it’s not easy with the kids around!

    Happy Thanksgiving week!

    BTW, I love the simplicity of your post! No bling. It’s kinda nice! *smiles wide*

  4. I always cordinate my socks to my outfit. The more colorful the better. I think white sox have their place as sports sox. My wedding ring is about it for my jewelery on a daily basis, but when I do where earrings or a necklace I feel extra confident.

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