Twilight and Other Supernatural Beings

Okay so I am totally going with the theme of the day which is … all things Twilight related. Yes I know that it is very predictable and popular but as always I have my own take on it all.  First of all in order to defend myself, I have been a vampire lover from way back.  I read all of the Anne Rice books in Inteview with a Vampire back in the day of that  book/movie craze.  If you aren’t aware or just living in a hole there is a movie coming out called Twilight in which there is a love story about a vampire and a human girl and the obstacles the couple faces of wanting to “get with your girl” and being tempted by having her for a snack (you know that sounds naughtier than it should!)  So here’s what I am thinking today: Which of the supernatural beings would you like to “be with in the carnal sense” (for the ladies and or the gay guys too) and for the men which of these supernatural beings would you most like to be with or be like?  I am going to give you some suggestions but I encourage you to let me know if there is a supernatural freak that I have left out…

  1. Vampire: Okay here is my take on these creatures.. HOT! There is a reason that women want to have these creatures bite their neck.  You don’t see these guys being played by average dudes, hotties of the supernatural world.  Men for you I think that you might get some serious loving if you went with becoming a vampire.  The cons include however: you often kill your potential lady friend and/or you are a snack.  On the plus side, I have to say living forever and not aging good things.  Edward Cullen can suck my neck any ‘ole time he wants.
  2. Werewolves: These guys need some  public relations help.  In the world of television and movies they are often depicted in not the greatest of ways.  Taking this back to all things Twilight however the werewolf Jacob presents us with a different kind of werewolf than we have seen before.  He is athletic and muscular.  He has muscular build who Bella is attracted to and is described as large in his build. ( I don’t have to tell you that means big everywhere!)  Werewolves are getting their due and making me rethink my former stance on them.  The cons however: the stinky dog smell that a wolf has after hunting, being too powerful without trying, and yeah possible death to his partner. Men think about giving the werewolves a chance, they are very animalistic and chicks dig that.
  3. Vulcans: This is a bit of a stretch but hey it is my blog so go with me here… They are smart and very logical in their thinking, which we know some of our men here on earth may not be.  Now I have a thing for the smart guys and view it as a turn on.  Leonard Nimoy doesn’t do it for me but in the latest Star Trek slated to come out next summer Zachary Quinto plays an updated Spock. For the ladies here there is something to love in a Vulcan, it is only every 7 years that he “wants to get his freak on.”  I am sure during that time he puts the SUPER in supernatural being. Here it is described as  ” Periodically, approximately every seven years, for males and bonded females, Vulcans experience an overpowering mating drive known as pon farr. Once triggered, Vulcans must have sexual contact with someone, preferably their mate, or else face insanity and death.”  Men this could be a chance for you to use this line on the ladies, “Don’t deny me I am in pon farr.”  I mean really who can deny a Vulcan that and for the ladies who are not like me … Sex only once every seven years.

I think that I have given everybody something to think about today and to ponder.  Right now for me it is Edward Cullen the vampire who is” turning my crank” if you know what I mean… but who knows tomorrow maybe I am all about the werewolves?   One thing I can say is that I will be at Twilight tomorrow fantasizing about being with a vampire for sure.  Feel free to comment and give me an idea of what you think… What can I say I have been bitten by the Twilght bug?  ( get it?)


3 responses to “Twilight and Other Supernatural Beings

  1. What a great blog post! A fun read but now I’m so confused as to whether I should be a vampire, a werewolf or a vulcan.

    Can I combine all three into one super hot guy?

  2. Definitely vampire. Especially if I could live with the Cullens. Do you watch True Blood? Those vamps are a little more vicious. Wouldn’t want to be a vulcan, no reason, and definitely not a werewolf, they freak me out.

  3. Wolves are sexy, but then I’ve read a lot of books about hot sexy werewolves. Did have a guy (online) who loved to play at being a vampire. So hot playing around in his coffin.

    And Matt? I don’t think even three would be enough to make it work for you!

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