Guilty Pleasures

Everyone has guilty pleasures. Admit it you have things that you enjoy that perhaps you do not want others to catch on to or be aware of.  These pleasures aren’t things that are bad but they are things that you don’t elaborate on when in discussion with a group of friends.  On some people’s lists there are things another person may not find a guilty pleasure at all.  Your guilty pleasure can include food, fashion, television, movies, or the Internet (or a whole lot of other things too).  Let’s say it may involve leisure time as well, doing something that well either you should not be doing or is just not healthy.  When asking hubs about this post he commented that he has a fetish or guilty pleasure for Mrs. Winner’s, and before you get worried that the marriage is not secure, Mrs. Winner’s is a fried chicken chain much like KFC.  I know that many of us work hard during the day and at night want to just relax.  Let’s not feel bad about our guilty pleasures but embrace the fact that they make us unique.

For my guilty pleasures (see how much y’all are learning about me in my posts) I have to include these:

  • peanut butter M & M’s . I love those things too much and I know I should not.
  • erotic fiction or erotic blogs, the more explicit the better (gasp)
  • any medical mystery show which airs on Discovery Health Channel or A & E
  • staying in pajamas all days for no good reason
  • googling ex-boyfriends just for fun
  • buying a pair of shoes that I really don’t need just because they are a great deal
  • looking at men in their football pants just to see how their ass looks in them ( I do love football)
  • Twittering, Blipping, or Facebooking when I should be doing other things

That is my list but I am dying to know what some guilty pleasures of yours are.  I have the suspicion that there are many more guilty pleasures out there that need to be explored.  A guilty pleasure is not a bad thing, but in my mind a coping mechanism that helps all of us make through life’s little journey.  Go ahead today or tomorrow and indulge in one of them for me.  I promise I won’t tell if you won’t tell…

Please feel free to post anonymously if you want. I seriously love the comments and appreciate your feedback.  I need to go there is a Diagnosis Unknown on now…


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