Can’t Live Without…

You have seen the exercise where people are supposed to decide what ten things they should take on a deserted island to have with you, right?  I actually did not like thinking like that because I always thought “Hey you actually need to know how to use the compass right?”  My exercise is going to be more of a fun and frivolous exercise of what ten things would you bring with you  to say a wilderness cabin in the woods that had all of the basics such as lodging,heat,water, electricity, etc.

I thought about doing the Oprah like my favorite list and then thought I am going to make my top ten things I have to have in the wilderness.  Now I will let you know that you can bring one other person with you on this adventure whoever he or she might be.  Some of you might forgo the human contact and go it alone and that is cool too.  I think I have covered the basics of what I would like you to think about.  When you look at my list I want you to think what does it say about me the things that are on my list?

  • Diet Dr. Pepper: I cannot live without this beverage so I would have to stock up on it for my adventure. I think this says I am a bubbly person ! (I crack myself up)
  • My Ipod: I love my music and I have to have it with me at all times. I think that I am just one of those people who needs music on no matter what I am doing. It is also pink which says girly.
  • My significant other:  I told you I loved sex and who else is going to carry all this stuff I am bringing?
  • Jewelry:  I love accessories let me tell you. I have to be wearing matching jewelry at all times and just because I am in the wilderness does not mean I can’t look good.
  • Edible Body Butter:  Okay this stuff is great for couples and just is something that you would want to use with all that free time you have in the wilderness. Don’t need any chafing or chapping. I think you know what that says about me.
  • Tablet PC:  This is my little friend that is small and helps me connect to the world around me so I can have my email, my twitter, my facebook, and various other things I cannot live without. I am sure this says I need to get a life outside of the computer but …or I guess it could say I am hip to technology.
  • Books  Oh yes I would bring a supply of books to pass the time.  I am a crazy reader who reads quickly so I would need to bring some books that were very long or that I could read over and over. Favorites include the Bible, the Twilight series and too many fiction writers to mention.  My tastes are varied so I might take a little bit of everything.
  • Vodka or gin  One must take a supply that can mix with the Diet Dr. Pepper I am bringing and I might as well have fun while on this wilderness adventure.
  • My most favorite blanket that I curl under almost every night.
  • Dark Chocolate I love dark chocolate and I would make sure I had enough with me to satisfy my need for sweets.

Now you have my favorite things and I would love to know something that you love and appreciate to.  This is not going to change you life but it might give you an idea of what inspires and makes you feel good.  I appreciate all of the readers and nice comments that y’all have been giving me.  As we say here in the South “Bless your heart.”


2 responses to “Can’t Live Without…

  1. let’s see 10 things i can’t do without

    Coca Cola
    Wireless Internet
    Chicken Fried Rice
    Coffee – two sugars- one milk
    Basic lights
    A few Miller lights
    A practice my plonking
    Peanut m&m’s
    The biggest darn book of Natural history
    A telescope for celestial observations

  2. oh and the ever present scent of a loving woman..of course 🙂

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