Hungry for some Lovin’

“Each person’s sex drive is like an appetite: Some people spend their whole life in the kitchen and think about food all the time; some people can skip lunch,” says Ritvo, who is also chair of the department of psychiatry and behavioral medicine at Mount Sinai Medical Center, Florida.

I am a girl I guess who thinks about food (ahem) a lot of the time.  The reason I bring it up is not to brag or boast but just to state the facts.  I used to think that there were many other women like me but as I have grown older and dare I say wiser I see that I am not in the norm.  I guess I in some ways enjoy that fact because it does make me unique but on the other hand I have trouble finding women who identify with me.  For me most of my friends (mostly married like myself) view sex and intimacy as a “chore” or something needing to be done like doing the laundry.  I on the other hand view it as a way to show my significant other affection and love and connect in a way that is uniquely ours.  In continuing the comparison of food appetite and sexual appetite I found this Sex and the City quote that kind of sums it up:

I Like this quote I dislike this quote“Samantha: So, how were they?
Carrie: The pancakes? Delicious, exactly what I wanted. I couldn’t get enough.
Samantha: No, I was referring to the moves.
Carrie: Delicious, exactly what I wanted. I couldn’t get enough.”

I know that there are many things that go into the sex drive: biology, psychology, and relationships but that is another post.  The therapist in me knows all about those things but in a practical sense I want to find some of my sisters in womanhood who share my love of sex.  I want to find the friend who wants to talk openly about wanting to be with her partner in that way.  I don’t mind most of the time really and kind of like the status with the men or being viewed as the “cool wife” .

I am just amazed that there are not more women who think more like me and do think about sex like a man which is more often than not…I guess I will continue to stay hopeful that there will be women who are like me.  In the meantime however I will continue to read my erotica and indulge in my fantasies.  I will let you in on the fact that my house might not be perfectly clean but my husband does wear a smile in terms of his sex life!  Post some comments because I know you have viewpoints.  Looking forward to hearing from you…


3 responses to “Hungry for some Lovin’

  1. Well in the interests of social order and in a need to get things done it is just as well that women are not as interested in sex as men are (at least publicly)…it keeps the wheels turning …spurns them on to do things…and gives women an edge over men in that they are not as concerned (apparently) with fundamental pleasures.

  2. I have a friend who claims to never have had the big O. But she also claims to love sex and has a rockin’ sex life, she tells me.

    Now without the big O, I would be one of those totally unwilling at all to do it?! The chore thing is where I am right now. In the past I’ve worked on it and improved things a lot, but am tired of it feeling like hard work on my end…?

    Sorry right now I’m not your sister in sex…?

  3. I’m with you there. Granted, I’m young (25), but even at this age, I have met plenty of women who find sex more than once a month to be a chore. I don’t get it. In a perfect world, I’d be getting it on 2-3 times a day, though that’s not always possible. My boyfriend is thrilled, I can tell you, and I feel so sorry for all the men out there who are with women who just don’t enjoy sex. I just find it very difficult to relate to them, as you seem to as well.

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