Save the Drama for Your Mama…

Drama Queen or King: Someone who turns something unimportant into a major deal. Someone who blows things way out of proportion when ever the chance is given.
“Oh my god! You copied that without giving the other person credit! That is just mean. You’re horrible, don’t talk to me. Im gonna go tell everyone what a cruel person you are just so they will pay attention to me and think im cool.”

Just when did our whole society become insanely dramatic about everything?  I know that a little drama goes a long way.  Hey I have been known to stir up a little of the drama in my life you know.  However an observation for everyone, we get completely dramatic for all the wrong things and when we should be screaming and wailing we are somehow silent.  Let’s take someone like a Paris Hilton who prances around stirring up drama for the sole purpose of self-promotion.  She actually makes a career off of it and for that she ought to be commended.  She is not a drama queen in the sense of being overly dramatic per se but she does seem to revel in the limelight when things become drama-filled like her little tiff with BFF Nicole Ritchie.

Nicole Ritchie too has benefited from her desire to bring drama to her life as a way to say “look I am here and I need to be noticed.”  There are many more and I am sure we could think of a million of the celeb ones, but basically our society encourages these women to be like this.  We remember on the other hand those drama queens or kings in you life you do not have the celebrity status and are just a pain in the ass.  The friend who somehow always has a bigger crisis or a better story when it comes time for you to get your shot perhaps at a moment in the sun.  They are the people that you don’t call back when they leave a message and whose sole purpose some day is to tell as many people as he/she can about the drama that they have going on.  A great example of this is Penelope from the Saturday Night Live skits.

Penelope is a drama queen in the sense that she has done everything bigger,better, and in a much cooler way.  Perhaps this is an exaggeration but there are parts of Penelope in each of the drama queens/kings we have in our life… Just take a look and see if you know anyone like Penelope.

As I have explained we have become a society that is always looking for the story of someone who creates or encourages drama in their lives.  For that we all share the fact that we are the people who want more of the “train wreck” drama that involves another person in the midst or a personal “train wreck.”  It truly is fine to be dramatic at times and to play that part but we walk a fine line of becoming our own scaled back version of Penelope.

The part that I challenge each of you to think about is why aren’t we raising drama about some of these terrible things in our world.  Does anyone know what is happening in Darfur Do you know how many people die of AIDS in Africa every day?  The point is that really we all need to spend our time thinking of what we could do in places where drama does not even describe daily living conditions.  Stepping down from soapbox, I leave you with this thought… Please girls and guys “Save the drama for your mama!”


One response to “Save the Drama for Your Mama…

  1. That is one of my favorite sayings. The only problem is that most of the time, I want to say it to my kids.

    You are so right. Too much drama over tiny blips on the radar and no real attention aimed at real issues in the world.

    And Penelope? Oh, that girl… want to poke her in the EYES! 😉

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