“The List”

Going out on a limb here and exposing the fact that you and I have “a list.”  You are now saying to me what kind of list?  A list of things I need to do? A shopping list?  A Christmas list?  No to the aforementioned lists, while they are very nice lists to have this is not the one I was getting at…  Because I am one hot mama, I have kept track of my list for many years.  Yes let me explain,  I am taking it down to the gutter and we are going to explore “the list.”  I am going to explain it is a “to do list” in the sense of if this person were available and willing to have sex with me I would do them!  ( I crack myself up sometimes)  This list is usually decided on with your partner or significant other as a what I like to call a free pass.  It means that in the fantasy world where we all sometimes go, what celebrities ( authors, actors,actresses, etc)  would we in a hypothetical situation want to “be with?”(under no penalties by the significant other)  There may be a few of you out there who don’t know what I mean, but for the rest of you I encourage you to ask your partner or significant other who is on their list.  We all have a list in our heads and we may add or subtract people on and off the list.  This is how the conversation went long ago with hubs when we had just  started dating : Me:  “Who would you put on your list of chicks you would like to do if they became an option and I would let you be with them?  Who would you want to knock boots with?”  Hubs:  “You want me to give you that list? Are you sure I won’t get any trouble with you?”  So the conversation moves on and the list is drawn up.  Too be totally fair to hubs I even did criticize his list… Okay he had Jewel on there and at the time i was preoccupied with her lack of dental work.  Don’t be like me let your man or woman have their list!  I learned my lesson.

You might be asking, okay why don’t I give you some people on my list?  My answer is no problem.  My list is diverse but it reflects what I like…(in no certain order)

Okay so I am sure I have left several people off the list but now you at least get the point.  The list gives an idea of what you like.  I tend to go for the funny smart guys .  This is not exclusive but you see there are trends.  My job for you today is to think about who might go on that list and send me your comments.  I am not in the business of judging your list, after all it is your list.  After you come up with some people on your list think about sharing the list with your partner,spouse, significant other, friend, or even your pet.  The last one is in case you can’t find anyone to share it with…

It is a fun little mental exercise and who does not like thinking about who they want “to do?” I know that some days we just need a little something to help us through our day and I hope I made you smile.  I hope you have enjoyed the trip into this woman’s sexually charged mind today and remember some days we all just need a laugh.  Hope you have a great day and I will be waiting to hear your lists!!!( I promise to keep them to myself but I may have to add them to mine if they appear worthy)


One response to ““The List”

  1. There are no comments yet ?!?…

    Here’s a comment…the list is wishful thinking.

    So wishful thinking here’s my list.

    Felicity Shagwell (Heather Graham)
    Michelle Obama
    Tina Fey
    Sarah Palin
    Heather Graham (again and again)
    that nude girl in Boogie Nights
    oh yeah it was Heather Graham
    that girl in Lenny Kravitz’s cover of “American Woman” oh that was Heather Graham too

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